Vegetarian Meat Brand Quorn Launches Festive Vegan Turkey ‘Cracking’ Cranberry Balls

Vegetarian Meat Brand Quorn Launches Festive Vegan Turkey ‘Cracking’ Cranberry Balls

Vegan and vegetarian meat brand Quorn will soon launch 12 new products including a veganized holiday classic, Cracking Cranberry Balls.

Quorn is no stranger to the meat-free movement; the plant-powered company has been crafting realistic alternatives to meat for more than 30 years. Alongside the launch of new items, the brand has updated some of its existing recipes.

Curries, like Creamy Laksa and Tantalising Tikka Masala can be found on supermarket shelves, alongside classic dishes like Quorn Love It Lasagne and Comforting Cottage Pie. Shoppers can also pick up Bratwurst, Texan Ranch Chilli, and Mixed Grill, as well as Moroccan Tagine Pieces and Kicking Cajun Fillets, as well as its turkey-free Cracking Cranberry Balls. It was also recently announced that Quorn’s plant-based sausages will join the menu at JD Wetherspoon as part of the chain’s vegan breakfast.

“We’re intent on heightening demand by giving Quorn consumers the chance to take their taste buds on a memorable journey around the world at the same time as introducing new and improved recipes in their everyday favourites,” Peter Harrison, the marketing director for Quorn Foods, said in a statement.

And it is likely more vegan products are on the horizon for Quorn; the business recently invested £7 million into the research and development of vegan food items, marking a societal shift away from using eggs in a number of products and toward an all-plant diet. Data analyst Will Grimwade commented that Quorn’s decision to focus on vegan products is “further proof that veganism is seen as a meat-free diet to back in the long term, over traditional vegetarianism.”

Shortly following the launches, in November, a television commercial will air to promote Quorn’s new Tikka Masala. The multi-million-pound project, that will run throughout the month, is said to be the largest investment of any ready-made meal brand in the UK this year.

Image Credit: Quorn

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