Quorn Introduces Vegan Deli Slices to Range This Month

Vegetarian brand Quorn has announced an exciting new addition to their refrigerated items this January: vegan ham-style slices.

So far, Quorn’s vegan range has been predominantly in the frozen section, with just the five grain fillets being available refrigerated. Many are hoping that quoin continues to expand its range, as currently the vegetarian options the brand supplies is an extensive range of meat alternatives, meaning those wishing to ditch meat don’t have to give anything up.

The new product is called Smoky Ham Free Slices, which, according to The Grocer, will be available at most major UK retailers by the end of January.

In September of 2017, the brand announced that they were introducing refrigerated vegan ‘meat’ to US stores including ‘chicken’ strips and veggie sausages.

Previously it has been rumoured that Quorn is working towards being completely vegan, although the brand denies this claim.

The UK-based company distributes to several countries across the world and has recently shipping products to Singapore following a £150 Million investment that is thought to be creating 100s of jobs thanks to the expansion of one of their UK facilities.

It is not clear if any other refrigerated options will be released in the UK throughout 2018.