Quorn Launches Vegan Sausages at UK’s Largest Supermarket

UK leading vegan and veggie meat brand, Quorn, has announced the launch of its brand-new vegan Cumberland sausages in Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket.

Fishless fingers, hot and spicy burgers, nuggets and fajita strips are just some of the products Quorn already offer in their vegan range. However, up until now, there has been no vegan alternative to their existing sausages, popular with vegetarians.

“Drumroll, please! We have another sizzling NEW Quorn Vegan product launching today! Our Vegan Cumberland Sausages are now available in selected Tesco stores. We can’t wait to hear what you think of them,” Quorn wrote on their Twitter account on Monday. Packed with protein and fiber, “these great tasting vegan sausages are perfect accompanied by spinach and butternut squash for a delicious warm summer salad,” the brand state on their website.

The recent global shift towards veganism has inspired the veggie brand to launch new products that cater to all their customers. “Around the world, we are seeing a significant increase in meat-reduction diets, including both flexitarianism and veganism,” Kevin Brennan, the CEO of Quorn stated in February. “The vegan trend is something Quorn Foods is responding to with the launch of more and more vegan products such as Quorn Vegan Chicken-free Slices, Quorn Vegan Hot, and Spicy Burgers, and Quorn Vegan Fishless Fingers, which are winning around the world.”

Over the last few months, other UK brands and supermarkets have also been working to launch more and more vegan options for consumers. At the beginning of March, Iceland, a UK supermarket specialising in frozen foods, announced the upcoming arrival of a new own-brand vegan meaty burger onto their shelves. In terms of taste, the new burger is spot on according to The Sun. “If you closed your eyes, you might almost think it was the real thing,” the paper observed.

UK Coffee giant Costa has also announced new vegan products, confirming the launch of the vegan Jam Oaty Bake in March and the Three Bean Wrap in May at the beginning of 2018. “Every major coffee chain in the UK will [now] offer a vegan lunch option,” said Tod Bradbury, campaign manager for Animal Aid. “This shows how much veganism is growing, and how mainstream it has become.”