Pair These Rainbow Vegan Collard Wraps With Tahini Dressing

Pair These Rainbow Vegan Collard Wraps With Tahini Dressing

Light, fresh, and packed with powerful antioxidants, these rainbow veggie collard wraps are the perfect summertime lunch for work, a picnic, or the beach!

Even though I’m one of those weird people who actually like salad, sometimes, I want a more exciting way to get my greens in. There are certain vegetables I tend to rotate between (I see you spinach and kale), but I do like to mix it up every now and then. These rainbow veggie collard wraps are perfect for that!

They’re really easy to make once you get the hang of it. I’ve included a guide in this post so your first wrap is, hopefully, a perfect one! They’re perfect for a beach trip, picnic, or a grab and go lunch!

The first time I made collard wraps I did it completely wrong and it ended up breaking into a pile of mush. LOL. Eventually, I decided to watch a YouTube tutorial because it’s 2019 and there’s a YouTube tutorial for practically everything. I realized rolling a collard wrap is much easier than I thought. However, you have to make sure you do a few things.

What do collard greens taste like?

Raw collard greens are kind of bitter with a slightly earthy taste. But before I make this recipe sound totally repulsive, I promise when everything comes together, they taste DELICIOUS! Especially dipped in lots of my lemon tahini dressing. The dressing is key, don’t forget the dressing! Plus, there’s lots of hummus (I opted for a garlic hummus) and avocado so you won’t even taste the bitterness.

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This recipe was republished with permission from Eat With Clarity.