Learn How to Raise Millions for Your Vegan Startup at This New York Business School

Learn How to Raise Millions for Your Vegan Startup at This New York Business School

Looking to fund your growing vegan business, but not sure where to start? Learn how to raise capital for your vegan startup from someone who’s done it before. New York’s Class Rebel, helmed by Brooke Harley, is hosting Fundraising 101 to help entrepreneurs feel confident speaking to investors.

“The goal of Fundraising 101 is to get you so well-versed and comfortable with the language and mechanics of raising money, that VCs will be surprised by the extent of your knowledge,” says the website. “When you are perceived as a sophisticated entrepreneur, you’ll be able to raise more money, on better terms, and go on to build something that matters to you.”

Fundraising 101 is a six-module course that covers raising capital from start to finish while retaining as much equity and control as possible.

In Session 1, students will learn the basics of early-stage investing and how to find investors.

The second session covers alternatives to traditional fundraising, like finding business grants, crowdfunding, and creating a pitch deck and a 5-year forecast.

Session 3 teaches everything you need to know about seed stage funding, like achieving deal economics that are in your favor and using a Series A Pro Forma Cap Table to predict how much equity you are giving up in your seed round.

Session 4 is all about Series A Stage Funding, like setting up employee stock options and setting up a Board of Directors while giving up as little control as possible.

In Session 5, you’ll learn how VCs raise money and grow, negotiation tactics, and how to find the right investor.

And in Session 6, students learn how to manage investor relationships, types of exit, and company acquisition.

Learn How to Raise Millions for Your Vegan Startup at This New York Business School
Brooke Harley, founder of Class Rebel.

About the Founder

Harley, a former lawyer and Lululemon Executive, realized that entrepreneurs from elite colleges had advantages over other business owners. Especially when it came to raising money for their startups. So she created Class Rebel and its two classes — Fundraising 101 and Angel 101. The goal is to help level the playing field and make financial education available to anyone.

Clients include No Bones Beach Club, a vegan restaurant that started as a food truck in 2014 that now has locations in Chicago, Portland, and Seattle; vegan wine subscription service Vegan Wines; and yours truly, LIVEKINDLY.

“I accredit the successful fundraising of LIVEKINDLY Media, Inc. to Brooke Harley. Honestly, I cannot recommend this course more for anyone looking to get their startup funded,” says Jodi Monelle, CEO and Founder of LIVEKINDLY.

Harley’s courses have helped founders secure funding for their businesses, including $3 million seed rounds from Silicon Valley firms.

Several investors will be present that the upcoming course, which takes place at Hearst Ventures in New York City. Students have the option of attending the course in person or online through Zoom. There’s lifetime access to classes if a refresher is needed.

“This particular class is not only a good chance to learn how to navigate fundraising, but also an excellent chance to meet and speak with investors who will be attending,” says Harley. “And many investors are looking for plant-based startups today.”

Fundraising 101 takes place October 7-10 between 6-9pm at Hearst Tower on 300 West 57th Street in New York City. Get your tickets here.