Raw, Vegan Cheese Delivery Service Launching ‘Very, Very Soon’

In an Instagram post, The Kind Kitchen Delivery revealed a partnership with Glowfood Creamery on a new raw vegan cheese delivery service.

The Kind Kitchen Delivery captioned the post: “Eeek! Have we got some AMAZING news for you guys!! We are teaming up with @glowfood.banff and will be offering their unbelievably delicious nut cheeses for delivery right to your door!!! Hooray!! ??? Coming very, very soon, spread the word (then the cheese ???)”

The cheese will be nut-based and may be included as a menu option for Kind Kitchen customers, although the exact details are yet to be confirmed. The plant-powered service aims to give customers more free time by delivering “delicious vegan meals right to your door!” Everything is organic where possible and free from animal products.

“When you eat plant-based, the animals, the planet and your health all benefit greatly. Our mission is to help everyone see how wonderfully diverse vegan food is and that it tastes amazing too!”The Kind Kitchen stated.

Glowfood Creamery is a small business in Banff, Alberta, that make and sell raw vegan cheese and ice cream. The founder, Julie Kapuscinski, told Calgary Herald she suffered from many health problems as a child caused by meat and dairy.

After initially switching to vegetarianism, then veganism, Kapuscinski began to experiment with making her own dairy alternatives. Her creations sparked huge interest from friends and colleagues and thus, the Glowfood Creamery was born. “[R]aw food is supposed to make you glow from the inside out, kind of like Iron Man, except Iron Man isn’t slow”, explained Kapuscinksi.

“[T]he cheeses are made with organic nuts, mostly macadamia and cashews, fermented with vegan-friendly bacterias,” Kapuscinski added. “Six flavours are currently available, including a soft chèvre style, smoked black tea and wild pepper, piri piri, smoked cheddar, bay leaf and rosemary, and a creamy blue-style cheese made with an edible blue-green algae.”

This vegan business collaboration will help to provide nutritious, and comforting, cheese for the increasing number of customers opting to incorporate more dairy-free food into their diet.

Image Credit: Glowfood | The Kind Kitchen