Raw Vegan Event, The Great Canadian Fruit Fest, Arrives at Okanagan Lake

watermelon slice

A fruit festival is coming to the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada, this August, named “The Great Canadian Fruit Fest.”

The event is family-friendly and will be serving a 100 percent raw vegan menu to attendees – consisting of purely fruits and vegetables. A raw vegan diet is the consumption of foods that are uncooked and, mostly, unprocessed. Some follow a raw vegan diet on and off, such as actor Scarlett Johansson, who recently told Ecorazzi“after lots of fighting and training and raw vegan food you can fit into a catsuit.” 

The British Columbian event is thought to be the first 100 percent organic fruit fest in the whole of Canada. It’s mission, according to the festival’s website “is to accelerate the world’s adoption of a healthful, sustainable fruit-based diet.”  High fruit diets have been said to carry many health benefits, with one recent study claiming that in order to increase the chances of becoming pregnant, women should follow a high-fruit diet, with low amounts of processed foods.


Sponsored by Martha’s Best Papaya, Daily Green Boost, and Miami Fruit, the event will include educational workshops, live music, beatboxing, fitness and art classes, as well as speakers, such as Alyse from Raw Alignment and Melissa Pampanin from Absofruitlymel. The full confirmed schedule for the event is set to be announced soon, however, tickets are on sale now.

Across Canada, veganism is becoming more popular, the term “vegan” was even the most searched word on Google in 2017. Due to this, festivals, such as The Great Canadian Fruit Fest are becoming more popular. In October, the country is also to become host to the “world’s first” vegan international film festival, The Ottawa Vegan Film Festival, which will launch in the Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa, before touring around the world hoping to create a vegan “global community.”

“The Ottawa Vegan Film Festival is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating the vegan ideal,” the festival organizers note on the event’s website. “There is a huge appetite for information and insights into all aspects of vegan life: from the ethics of animal farming to the environmental and health benefits that come with a shift to plant-based eating.”