Rebbl Fights Human Trafficking and the ‘Malfunctioning’ Global Food System With Dairy-Free Drinks

Herb-infused beverage manufacturer REBBL is using its range of dairy-free drinks to raise awareness about human trafficking.

“It is our calling to fight human trafficking through impact sourcing and supply chain in partnership with the non-profit Not For Sale. In doing so, we must address climate change, which is inextricably linked to human trafficking,” REBBL’s website states.

“This helps to protect vulnerable communities from ever being trafficked.  In addition, we donate 2.5% of the net sales of every bottle sold to Not For Sale to rehabilitate those who’ve already been affected.”

Human trafficking -also referred to as modern slavery – is an issue that often goes unseen within the food industry. Recently, a documentary premiered that highlighted human trafficking within the egg industry, while human labor trafficking has been employed in food processing plants, including slaughterhouses and in canning facilities across the U.S.

REBBL, which strives to be “a band of revolutionaries for the greater good,” recently secured $20 million in funding from Cavu Venture Partners, according to Foodbev Media. Co-founder of Cavu Venture Partners, Clayton Christopher, told FoodBev Media, “We’ve long admired Rebbl not just for its exceptional products, but also for its mission to make a real difference in the world.” 

REBBL’s “soul purpose” is to address the “malfunctioning global food system” with its regenerative business model. Since the brand was founded in 2011, its sales have seen triple-digit growth.

The company upholds a strong ethos that food should be natural, whole, and grown from the Earth. “[T]he human body performs best when it is nourished with the foods that it co-evolved with, and that the best guidance we have for how to proactively shape our own diet is to learn primarily from those who came before us,” the brand said, referencing the plant-based diet human ancestors are believed to have evolved on.

The “ethically-produced” drinks are all free from dairy products. All its flavors are suitable for vegans, with the exception of the Turmeric Golden Milk and Matcha Latte flavors, which both contain honey. Additionally, every ingredient used in the products is organic to best benefit consumers, farmers, and the resources used for cultivation. Many of the ingredients are also Fair Trade certified.

“Our elixirs are Soulfully Crafted to taste creamy and indulgent. What you taste is what you get – the whole ingredients and herbs – that’s it. Since we don’t use gums, natural flavors, or thickeners, there’s no tastebud trickery,” notes REBBL about its beverages. “Just pure honest sensory delight. Through the art of food and taste, we welcome our Tribe to the world of plants, to the world of REBBL.”

Image Credit: REBBL