Richard Branson Says He Finds Vegan Meat Startup “Project Jackfruit” Inspiring

Voom Pitch, a competition that allows brands to pitch their business in the hopes of obtaining a cash prize, has announced the winners of the regional finals ahead of the national competition in 2018.

One of the winners is a vegan brand called Project Jackfruit. The company uses ethically and sustainably sourced jackfruit to create meat alternatives that are suitable for vegans and those who eat a gluten-free diet.

All seven winners have recently had the chance to sit down with Richard Branson over brunch and his comments suggest he’s impressed with their ideas.

The Voom Tour is seeking out brilliant entrepreneurs and ideas to help break down the barriers to business success,’ said Branson. ‘The aim is to help them put aside their fears and take the next steps on what could be the most significant journey of their business life. It was certainly inspiring to meet the winners of the Voom Pitch so far.’

Branson, who is always on the lookout for innovation, has previously spoken up about the future of the food system. Earlier this year, he predicted that the world would go meat-free before 2047 and brands like Project Jackfruit can help make that happen by offering healthy, vegan alternatives to meat products.

Image credit: Wiki Commons | David Shankbone