Ricky Gervais Pushes for an End to Animal Testing

Renowned animal rights activist Ricky Gervais and longtime environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall have signed a letter to Heads of the European Government and Heads of Member State, urging these politicians to use their lawmaking power to ban cosmetic animal testing, for good.

Cruelty Free International, one of the world’s leading animal rights organizations, launched this initiative to revolutionize the cosmetic and beauty industries on a global scale. The campaign coincides with the five year anniversary of the ban on cosmetic animal testing in the European Union (EU). Now, Cruelty-Free International is strongly encouraging the EU to lead the effort in implementing a similar ban worldwide.

Gervais and Dr. Goodall are two of the many high-profile public figures and animal welfare experts lending their voices to this cause. In fact, both have been recognized for supporting similar efforts to minimize animal abuse and spread compassion for other living beings.

Gervais frequently takes to social media to advocate on behalf of animals. With thirteen million followers on his Twitter account alone, his tweets have the potential to make a big impact. Scrolling through his posts, it’s clear the actor and comedian isn’t one to keep quiet about animal rights issues. He has spoken out against both bullfighting and the fur industry. In retaliation to a video of a fox being slaughtered, Gervais told Mirror, “Fashion is a form of escapism for many but for the animals, imprisoned and denied their most basic needs, death is the only escape.”

Gervais has also lent his support to the United Against Puppy Farming campaign in London and Wet Nose Day, an event which supports animal rescue centers. In addition to his voice, Gervais has also donated large financial sums to animal rights organizations and campaigns. It is rumored that he is a vegetarian, but he has yet to publicly commit to a plant-based diet.

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Like Gervais, well-known primatologist and environmentalist, Dr. Jane Goodall, has also spoken out on a plethora of animal welfare issues. Goodall is a long time vegetarian, and she asks that everyone consider going meat-free. Last year, a highly-anticipated documentary, JANE, was released to commemorate her work for the animals.

Cruelty-Free International hopes that with the support of influencers like Gervais and Goodall, they will have the power to make a positive change in the world for all animals.

Image Credit: Humane Society International/Ray Burmiston | National Geographic Creative