Robbie Williams Condemns Critics for Attacking Greta Thunberg

robbie williams in a red suit

British musician Robbie Williams has condemned Greta Thunberg’s critics for attacking her personally.

The best-selling singer-songwriter defended teenage environmentalist Thunberg and said that people should “let her be.”

Thunberg has become synonymous with the fight against climate change. The vegan teenager has met with world leaders, sailed across the Atlantic to promote her message in America, and spoken at the UN’s Climate Action Summit.

She has been the recipient of a great deal of criticism, including personal attacks and ableist comments. Critics include controversial British broadcaster Piers Morgan, Conservative political commentator Michael Knowles, and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Williams recently spoke to British GQ and suggested that — while he’s not sure on Thunberg’s “standpoint” — there should be legislation preventing the passing of judgment on a 16-year-old “no matter what they do.”

“No matter what you think of Greta or her speech, her tone of her facial expressions, her anger, her passion, she should be allowed to do that without reproach,” he said. “Comments from unempathetic [expletive] are not going to help the young girl’s psyche, whichever way you lean on the climate.”

“I think that she should be allowed to get on with whatever the [expletive] she wants to get on with. Let her be,” he added.

Williams’ Flexitarian Lifestyle

Forty-four-year-old Williams is vocal about the subject of mental health, and he’s also passionate about fitness, physical health, and wellbeing. He also spoke to GQ about his diet. He used to follow a plant-based diet, although he doesn’t identify as vegan anymore.

Williams says that he is currently a pescatarian and tries to stay away from red meat. “You watch all of these documentaries on Netflix about meat being full of steroids and really bad for you and you realize that maybe red meat ain’t that great for you,” he told the magazine.

He first experimented with a plant-based diet in 2017 for health reasons, announcing the change through his video blog “Vloggie Williams.”

In February 2018, Williams shared a photo to Facebook showing his toned physique. He commented on the image, “this vegan diet has got its perks.”