ROCKY STAR Dolph Lundgren Is VEGAN

This week’s vegan news: “Rocky” star Dolph Lundgren goes vegan, inspired by his “The Expendables” co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger and 2019’s “The Game Changers.” “Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. is on a mission to uncover the future of meat. Canada just shut down 3 major slaughterhouses in Toronto due to an e. Coli outbreak.

New Jersey has banned the import of shark fins. Las Vegas restaurant Tacotarian serves the largest vegan taco in the world. Volkswagen unveils the new Space Vizzion concept, an electric car with vegan leather interiors.

A recent survey revealed that 60% of Scottish dairy farmers think the industry is suffering. Stella McCartney and Adidas have launched a second pair of vegan Stan Smith sneakers. James Wilks, star of “The Game Changers” recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast to refute criticisms of the film.