7 Romantic Ideas for a Vegan Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on its way and, like almost every holiday, people will desperately be trying to find the perfect gift or surprise for their special someone. But what about a vegan Valentine’s Day that’s off the chart? It’s much easier to win the heart of a vegan than you think.

In fact, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of time, effort, and consideration. But we know people are busy and may not know exactly what to do. Below are 7 (romantic) suggestions for what you can for a vegan for Valentine’s Day.

7 Romantic Things You Can Do for a Vegan This Valentine’s Day

1. Donate to your local shelter or an inspiring non-profit

Working on behalf animals is hard work. Whether it’s folks fighting for the liberation of farmed animals, in a culture where that sort of work is often mocked/ridiculed, or folks desperately trying to find homes for cats and dogs in cities where there are simply too many animals, it’s emotional, it’s draining, and it’s painful. It’s also not done without a cost.

Shelters and non-profits need financial support to do the work that they do. Making a donation in your partner’s name will undoubtedly be a gesture that they deeply appreciate. Not everyone wants people to buy them things but almost everyone loves a giving, thoughtful person.

2. Plant a tree

The tree will grow as your love grows. It’s a (vegan) cheesy sentiment but one that’s sure to make your partner smile. Plus, the world could always use more trees.

3. Go to an animal sanctuary

Trips to animal sanctuaries are truly life-changing experiences. Whether you are vegan yourself or not, there is something extraordinary about seeing animals, thought of solely as food, in person. The experience is different for everyone, but no matter what it will be something you and your partner remember for a long time.

4. Get an indoor or outdoor veggie garden

Gardening is an incredibly healthy hobby to have. Not only does it give you time outside — if your garden is outside — but it also allows you to grow something beautiful (or something delicious). This is an especially wonderful gift for a city dweller who may not have had many opportunities to grow plants/food of their own.

5. Take a vegan cooking class together

Find a local vegan cooking class and learn how to cook all sorts of delicious meals with your special Valentine. It will be the gift that keeps on giving. Bonus points if you actually cook your partner the meals you learn from the class.

6. Walk along the beach and pick up trash along the way

Who doesn’t love some quiet time on the beach early in the morning before all the people show up? Show your vegan partner how much you love the Earth by stepping this beach trip up a notch by including a bit of cleaning. A clean beach means less junk ending up in the water, which means fewer pollutants there to hurt sea creatures.

If you are a person with mobility difficulties or are planning a Valentine’s Day for a person who has mobility difficulties, and a walk along the beach doesn’t work for you, you can substitute the beach with a park or trail that might be more accessible.

7. Watch the sunrise and drink coffee out of reusable travel cups

You might think this one is a stretch but a pollution, waste conscious vegan is going to be impressed not only by the old fashion romance of watching the sunrise and starting the day with delicious coffee — not made with the plastic, throwaway Keurig cups — but also by the attention to reducing trash. Believe it or not, non-reusable coffee cups and those tiny flavor cups some coffees are made from are both huge problems for the planet.