Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker Love Cooking Vegan Meals Together

Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker Love Cooking Vegan Meals Together

Move aside Joaquin and Rooney—there’s a new vegan power couple in town. Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker have taken their relationship to the next level.

The actor and New Jersey senator moved in together last summer. “This is the first time in my life I’ve really lived with somebody—and obviously Rosario and I are enjoying and adjusting to that, right?” Booker told People.

The couple has been enjoying cooking vegan meals together during the pandemic. And Booker, who went vegan in 2014, says Dawson is now plant-based, too. 

“She came to it on her own, which is great because we have, during the time of COVID, been working on cooking together a lot more,” he said.

He added: “Literally, she just bought a food processor for our kitchen yesterday. So I’m very excited about just expanding my capability to make delicious, healthy, whole plant-based food at home.”

In 2019, Dawson told the Daily Mail that she’d been eating a “mostly raw” vegan diet to help her manage stress and practice more self-care. “I’m eating mostly raw and vegan right now so that’s giving me a really great baseline because that’s so consistent, so that’s really helping,” she said.

Dawson is now vegan like Booker, who first made the switch in 2014. | Allison Farrand/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Cory Booker Supports the Vegan Movement

Dawson and Booker were first linked romantically after the Senator announced his presidential bid.

The New Jersey senator is an outspoken supporter of the vegan movement. And compassion has become one of his favorite conversations. During his bid for the presidency in 2019, Booker revealed an ambitious welfare plan to ban cosmetic animal testing.

“Our treatment of animals is a test of our character and a measure of the compassion of our society,” the first line of his animal welfare plan read. In addition to wanting to ban animal testing by 2025, he had hoped to spark the development of animal-free testing methods.

In early 2019, Booker co-sponsored a bill that would ban the use of exotic animals in circuses, carnivals, and parades across the country. He also introduced a bill that extends federal prohibitions on animal fighting in US territories. It was passed into law as part of the 2018 farm bill.