Sabra’s New Hummus Factory to Be World’s Largest

Sabra’s New Hummus Factory to Be World’s Largest

Sabra Dipping Company, the manufacturer of America’s “favorite hummus,” is building the world’s biggest hummus factory in Virginia, the company announced this week.

The Chesterfield County, Virginia-based hummus brand says it has plans to build a 40,000 square foot expansion to its current factory. This addition will more than double Sabra’s production capacity as demand for hummus continues to rise in the U.S.

The expansion isn’t just good news for hummus fans, it’s being lauded by Chesterfield County as well. “When Sabra joined our community in 2010, we were so pleased that the brand synonymous with hummus chose Chesterfield County as a place to grow,” Dorothy Jaeckle, the District Supervisor on Chesterfield County Board, said in a statement. “Sabra’s presence has meant that some of the most innovative thought leadership and culinary advances in the plant-based food space are happening right here. Sabra has always proudly shared its success with our community.” 

The expansion will also create 12 new jobs in the region. “As a proud employer in the region, we are thrilled that this expansion will allow us to welcome additional people to the Sabra family,” said Thomas Harpaz, Sabra’s Chief Executive Officer.

Harpaz said that the expansion reflects both Sabra’s growth to date and the anticipated continued brand and category “evolution” that the company is working toward. “Already, we are witnessing the way hummus consumption in the U.S. is shifting from special occasion dip to an everyday feel good food.”

The new facility will also help to reduce Sabra’s carbon footprint by allowing freshly packaged hummus to get out to retailers more efficiently.

Hummus has quickly gone from its designation as a mandatory vegan side to a standout staple at restaurants and supermarkets across the country as consumers of all diet preferences seek out healthier snacking options. The booming hummus market accounts for more than 37 percent of the $2.15 billion fresh dips category in the U.S., according to market research company IRI. The hummus industry is carving out a massive category in the protein sector; and, Sabra alone has a 60 percent market share in the US, offering over 12 varieties of hummus and seasonal limited-edition options as well.

Image credit: Sabra