Sacla Has Vegan Cheese and White Pasta Sauces Now

Sacla Has Vegan Cheese and White Pasta Sauces Now

Waitrose has upped its range of vegan food. The supermarket chain now offers vegan sauces by Saclà. The dairy-free range includes cheese sauce and white sauce.

Italian brand Saclà has been producing pesto and pasta sauce since 1939. The company has long focused on recipes that include animal products, however, Saclà has since tapped into the surging vegan market by introducing a plant-based sauce range.

Major British supermarket chain Waitrose recently added a handful of Saclà’s vegan products to its store shelves.

Vegan “SuperGreen” sauce, bolognese sauce, white sauce, and cheese sauce can all be purchased at the grocery store chain.

Saclà’s vegan cheese sauce delivers the same creamy taste as its dairy-based counterpart; Saclà assures the soya-based sauce offers a “marvellous cheesy taste.”

The brand’s vegan white sauce is also made with soya, as well as sunflower seed oil and onion. “We have perfected a vegan recipe for a classic white sauce, so that everyone can enjoy this versatile family favourite,” Saclà writes on its website.

Saclà also makes vegan basil pesto and tomato pesto, as well as vegan mayonnaise and garlic mayonnaise. It also produces vegan dressings in four flavours: blue cheese, agave and mustard, salad cream, and Caesar.

Vegan Food at Waitrose

Saclà’s vegan sauces are now available at Waitrose. | @sacla_uk

British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s released data in February that said that 91 percent of Brits have adopted a flexitarian diet, referring to those who eat animal products but make an active effort to include more plant-based food in their diet.

Waitrose hasn’t ignored the shift in consumer preference; the supermarket chain has been busy launching more vegan products to keep up with demand. Waitrose has its own vegan sauce range which includes Vegan Jackfruit Chilli Sauce, Vegan Soya Bolognese Sauce, and Vegan Creamy Sauce, a ready-made dairy-free bechamel.

Late last year, Waitrose launched its own vegan and vegetarian line which consists of 40 products.

Dairy-free carbonara, egg-free lemon mayonnaise, vegan hoisin parcels, and fish-free fish fingers are among the offerings. When Waitrose introduced the vegan fish fingers, which are made with breaded tofu, sales of meat-free products boosted by 110 percent in one week.