Sainsbury’s to Expand Vegan Range in Time for the New Year

UK supermarket, Sainsbury’s, has announced the addition of an exciting new plant based range set to hit stores on January 1st.

The supermarket will be launching seven new products, some of which are vegan and all of which are meat-free. Designed for those looking to reduce their meat intake, and introduce healthier options at mealtimes, the selection of products certainly seems to marry deliciousness and nutrition.

According to Sainsbury’s, the Sweet & Smokey BBQ Pulled Jackfruit they will soon be offering is a ‘supermarket first.’ Sainsbury’s also has two types of ‘shroomdogs‘ on offer: caramelised onion, and Cumberland. The ‘veg-based take on a classic sausage‘ is described as being ‘made of succulent mushrooms, with a vibrant peppery warmth.’ However, the sausages are not suitable for vegans.

Also made of mushrooms will be the mushroom mince, available at just £1.50 for 250g and completely vegan!

Georgina Lunn, Product Developer for Fresh Produce at Sainsbury’s claims that the team are ‘really proud to be offering a wide choice of flavours and can’t wait to hear how our customers are using them.’

Many UK supermarkets appear to be getting on board with plant based foods, with ALDI also announcing a new vegan line this month.

These exciting new products come just in time for those wishing to take part in Veganuary, an initiative that gives you support and resources for a month to allow you to make the transition into veganism.

If you want to take part in Veganuary, you can sign up here.

Image credit: Sainsbury’s