Sainsbury’s Launches Grab-and-Go Vegan Spicy Pulled Jackfruit Wrap

Sainsbury's Launches Grab-and-Go Vegan Spicy Pulled Jackfruit Wrap

Major UK-based supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, has announced the launch of a vegan spicy pulled jackfruit wrap. The company took to Twitter earlier this month to promote the latest addition to its range of readymade grab-and-go meals.

“The Sainsbury’s team has a new member,” Sainsbury’s wrote in a video.“Meet Jack Fruit. He’s a pretty big deal. He looks like pulled pork. He tastes like pulled pork… But he’s vegan! Find him in store today.”

Reception from fans was generally positive, as people expressed disappointment that their local Sainsbury’s was out of the vegan jackfruit wrap. Others learned about jackfruit, whose texture can mimic pulled pork when prepared the right way, for the first time ever. “Good stuff sainsbos. Keep going with the vegan and ethical options,” wrote one follower.

Sainsbury’s jackfruit wrap follows the company’s recent commitment to expand its plant-based product range to meet the growing consumer demand for meatless options. Last year, the company announced that it would add seven new vegetarian options, including some new vegan options. Sweet & Smokey BBQ Pulled Jackfruit was introduced, the first of its kind to be sold at UK supermarkets, along with other meat-free options such as Sainsbury’s Own Mushroom Mince and vegetarian sausages, also made from mushrooms.

“With over a quarter of meat-eating Brits actively reducing their meat consumption, there is a clear appetite for exciting and new ways to introduce more vegetables into our lives,” said Sainsbury’s Product Developer for Fresh Produce, Georgia Lunn, in a statement upon the release.

Sainsbury’s isn’t alone in jumping on the jackfruit bandwagon. Earlier this year, Starbucks launched a vegan pulled jackfruit wrap at UK locations, adding to the company’s limited vegan options. And, in the United States, popular hummus brand, Sabra, launched a limited-edition vegan BBQ jackfruit hummus for summer. As consumers continue to eschew animal-based meat in favor of plant-based food, jackfruit is growing in popularity due to its uncanny ability to mimic the texture of traditional pulled pork as well as take on the flavor of whatever sauce it is cooked with.

Image Credit: veganwomble