Sainsbury’s Launches Vegan Croissants and Pains Au Chocolat

Sainsbury's Supermarket Launches Buttery Vegan Croissants and Pains Au Chocolat from La Boulangere

With vegan baked goods one of the top food trend predictions for 2019, UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is launching into barely chartered waters of flaky buttery pastries.

In a “breaking” post the Instagram page Vegan Food UK noted the supermarket will be selling packs of six of La Boulangère’s croissants or pains au chocolat for £2.50.

“For more than 15 years, Boulangère has been committed to the development of eco-friendly products,” the French website A Vos Assiettes (“On Your Plates”) noted in July.

“A long period of research and development was carried out on these two emblematic Viennese pastry products in order to achieve the right balance of recipes. Recipes based on vegetable oil mainly made of shea butter that allows us to offer 100% vegetable products, without compromising on the pleasure of taste,” Frédérique Fillon-Soullard, head of marketing group of La Boulangère, told A Vos Assiettes.

France-based La Boulangère also caters to another fast-growing market segment: consumers seeking out brands that support social justice in their supply chains. La Boulangère supports Fair Trade in its wheat procurement and other products. It employs a four-part mission that helps to guarantee farmer wages, preserve local incomes, make smarter choices for the planet, and empower consumers.

“By purchasing products from the Ethical Agri Pact, you make the choice to sustain the 
French agri- food sectors,” the company notes on its website. “You help preserve local jobs and guarantee French farmers a fixed income allowing them to invest with a long-term vision on their farms.”

A number of bakeries across the globe are working on vegan pastries. New York has several bakeries making flaky vegan pastries Brooklyn Whiskers. A Melbourne bakery is selling cube-shaped vegan croissants, and in Los Angeles, the Ridiculous Baking Company makes vegan croissants and other pastries, sold around town and at select farmers markets.

And last year, another Southern California company, the Pak Group announced that it had created a vegan “eggwash” under its Bellarise Shine label made from pea protein and oil. Eggwash is commonly used on croissants and other baked goods like brioche bread, challah, and soft pretzels.

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