Santa Promotes Vegan Milk from Ex Dairy Company’s New Plant Based Range

Between 10am and 3pm today (11th November), vegan milk brand Elmhurst have been at King of Prussia mall in Philadelphia with a very special guest: Santa.

Elmhurst are an ex-dairy brand who turned vegan back in 2016 when they ditched the cow’s milk and started working on some plant based alternatives. Earlier this year, they released a new range of vegan milks called ‘Elmhurst Milked’ in four different varieties, all of which are nut-based.

Commenting on his decision to make his business vegan, Elmhurst’s 82 year old CEO said ‘After 92 years in business, it was time to embrace a new model and look toward the future.’

Now, the brand are showing off a truly unique Santa, a Santa of the future – one that drinks vegan milk.

During your visit to Santa to ask him for all of your Christmas wishes you can also enjoy a sample of plant milk with a choice between almond, cashew, walnut, and hazelnut.

It’s not clear which milk is Santa’s favourite, although it’s likely to be the one that goes best with a plate of vegan mince pies.