Santiago’s First Vegan Burger Restaurant, Vg Burger, Is Also a Safe Space for Chileans

Santiago’s first-ever vegan burger restaurant Vg Burger stands up against street harassment and all forms of bigotry.

Run by Diego Carreño, together with his mother and girlfriend, the Chilean capital’s first vegan burger joint has been in operation for just over a year, celebrating its one-year anniversary last month.

According to local news source La  Tercera, Carreño’s restaurant comes with a strong social justice mission. Vg Burger is one of several Santiago restaurants to stand up against street harassment with members of staff offering to accompany those worried for their safety to nearby locations.

In a recent Instagram post, the restaurant affirmed its stance on all forms of bigotry, “Toxic masculinity = Speciesism = Racism = HATE and here we accept NONE,” it said.

Vg Burger regularly expresses its adoration for both its customers and employees; the restaurant’s social media page regularly gives shoutouts to the people who help run the business and expresses gratitude to its growing customer base. While several followers often comment on the wait time, the general consensus is that it’s worth it for the food and the experience.

Around the world, people are adopting meat and dairy-free diets for a number of reasons, including their health, the environment, and for animal welfare. Santiago and the rest of Chile is no exception, some entrepreneurs have spotted the potential in the Chilean market for more plant-based products.

Born in the US, The Not Company, a food tech company with a sustainable mission, is now based in Santiago. The company makes vegan mayonnaise named”Not Mayo” – a fitting choice for its first product, considering that Chile is the third-largest mayonnaise market in the world. The brand plans to launch a number of other vegan products like yogurt and ice cream and plant-based meat to the Chilean market, as well as in Brazil and Argentina.

Image Credit: Vg Burger

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