Vegan Entrepreneurs Bring New Vegan Cheese Brand to Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York, has a unique new vegan brand to boast about: RIND Vegan Affineur. Born through a collaboration between two vegan serial entrepreneurs, this artisanal vegan cheese is about to disrupt the dairy and plant-based cheese markets.

Founders Dina DiCenso and Joshua Katcher developed the idea for RIND when they realized – despite the booming popularity of plant-based cheeses – no company was producing a hard-rind, aged variety. Neither have professional experience in the kitchen, but both are well versed in the vegan and small business scenes. DiCenso is the founder of the Brooklyn-based vegan tattoo studio, Gristle Tattoo, as well as the founder of Brooklyn Nurse Practitioners, a vegan primary care clinic. Katcher’s repertoire is rooted in fashion and lifestyle. He is the founder of two successful creative ventures: The Discerning Brute, a popular lifestyle website, and the Brave GentleMan apparel label, a luxury fashion brand. Together, they combined their passions for creativity and entrepreneurship to develop an exceptional gourmet vegan product.


DiCenso and Katcher promise a cheese that is “Supple, rich, ripe, and bold,” so much so that it “activates our passions.” It is made through a ‘primordial process’ in which ancient microbes break down a blend of fats, proteins, and sugars to create intricate swirls, a hard rind, and a complex, aged flavor. This is not your average cheddar or mild mozzarella. RIND is meant to be savored. It is meant to impress everyone who enjoys fine cheese. The founders hope their product will contribute to the shift away from dairy and toward plant-based alternatives, both for the purposes of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

RIND is not yet available for purchase, but the company is actively seeking investors and ready to launch in the “very near future,” according to the founders. For updates on the official launch, follow their Instagram @rind.affineur.

All photo credits: @rind.affineur/Instagram