Scotland’s Nutcrafter Creamery Says Its Vegan Cheese Can Convince Vegetarians to Give Up Dairy

nutcrafter creamery

Scotland-based artisanal vegan cheese company Nutcrafter Creamery aims to create a plant-based product so realistic, it will win over even the most hardcore dairy cheese-loving vegetarian.

The company has just moved its home base from a small factory to a new facility located in Kelburn Business Park, reports local news source Scotsman. Husband-and-wife founders, Francesco Accollo and Aimee Jackson, hope the new location will allow them to meet the fast-growing high demand for Nutcrafter Creamery’s dairy-free cheeses and butters. The couple believes that their vegan products taste so close to the real thing, vegetarians and cheese-lovers won’t even notice the difference.

“Many vegetarians choose not to adopt a vegan lifestyle because they are devotees of cheese,” said Accollo. “Our products, which are entirely organic and plant-based, offer them the opportunity to continue to enjoy the taste of cheese but without its dairy element. Our products have a wide and fast-growing appeal and we want to build production significantly to meet that demand.”


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Nutcrafter Creamery offers a wide range of soy-free artisanal plant-based products made primarily from organic, ethically-sourced raw cashew nuts. Its “Bettah Than Buttah” is a rich, creamy spread made from cashews and coconut oil rather than dairy; and its vegan “Nutzeralla” is even said to taste, melt, and stretch like authentic Italian mozzarella.  The brand also offers vegan halloumi, fromage, and parmesan blocks that can be grated. All products are made by hand, without the use of additives or preservatives.

According to the official website, Accollo and Jackson founded Nutcrafter Creamery after moving the family to Glasgow in 2013. Accollo has a passion for sustainable food and believes that saving the planet, uplifting the poor, and reducing the suffering of all living beings are all part of the same fight. Jackson, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, adopted a compassionate lifestyle early on in life after she learned that a neighbor’s calf, who she raised as a pet, was eventually slaughtered for food. The experience prompted her to first become a vegetarian and later, she adopted a vegan lifestyle.

The duo created their company with the vision of “a world where most of the food chain will be produced sustainably and cruelty-free; where a humane community will treat animals with respect and kindness; where promoting biodiversity, maximising the use of renewable resources and minimising pollution and waste will be the norm and where every human being will have economic and physical access to food and water sources.”

Nutcrafter Creamery products are currently available from a variety of independent vegan and specialty food distributors throughout the UK. The company also delivers its vegan cheeses and butter to the United States, New Zealand, and other countries around the globe.

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