Sea Shepherd Opens Vegan Tattoo Parlor in Amsterdam

Sea Shepherd, a marine conservation project best known for its work to stop commercial whaling as detailed on the 2008-2015 Animal Planet series, “Whale Wars”, has announced the opening of a new vegan tattoo studio in Amsterdam. The new studio is the initiative of Geert Vons, the artistic director of Sea Shepherd. All profits from the new business venture will go toward conserving and protecting the planet’s oceans.

The tattoo parlor was initially announced on the Sea Shepherd Facebook page last year: “very soon you will all be able to go to Amsterdam and get an official Sea Shepherd tattoo! Our very own campaign veteran, artist and board member, Geert Vons will be available to tattoo Sea Shepherd supporters coming from Amsterdam, with all profits going directly to Sea Shepherd. What do you think? Need to go to Amsterdam Soon?”

The tattoo studio is an innovative way to simultaneously raise awareness of the marine problems the world currently faces, raise money to fight back against these issues, and get creative at the same time. With the threat that our oceans may contain more plastic than fish by 2050, fundraising from organizations like Sea Shepherd are more important than they have ever been.

Now officially open, the organization notes that the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam is taking reservations — the only way to get your Sea Shepherd tattoo. All proceeds go to the organization “Get your official Sea Shepherd tattoo from artist Geert Vons, Sea Shepherd Global’s Artistic Director and creator of the famous Jolly Roger logo.”

If you wish to get a tattoo from Geert and the team, you will need to come prepared with a nautical or ocean themed design to suit the cause. The studio will hold its official grand opening of the venue on March 11th from 12 pm until 4 pm.

Sea Shepherd was founded by and is still run under the leadership of Captain Paul Watson. A longtime conservationist, activist, and former Greenpeace employee, Watson started Sea Shepherd in 1977 and has since been instrumental in the decline of commercial whaling efforts and marine conservation programs around the world.

Image Credit: Sea Shepherd Tattoo