There’s a Secret to the Best Cheesecake and Dairy Has Nothing to Do With It

There's a Secret to the Best Cheesecake and Dairy Has Nothing to Do With It

Cheesecake is the perfect dessert. Its presence is welcome at any get-together, no matter what season it is. It pairs perfectly with post-dinner conversations with friends and family and a strong cup of black coffee. Traditional cheesecake is made from cream cheese, ricotta, and eggs. But family-owned company Nabati Foods has found a way to make a dessert that’s creamy and velvety using only raw vegan ingredients.

“It all began in 2014 when I saw a gap in the market for all-natural, tasty treats. I was tired of always struggling to find healthy desserts that were not only guilt-free but also delicious. So I started making my own,” Nabati Foods co-founder Afaf Miri tells LIVEKINDLY.

The Edmonton-based business was originally a passion project for making nutritious vegan treats for her friends and family. “Today, with the support of my partner and our dedicated team, we are proud to enable individuals near and far to enjoy sweet treats regardless of their dietary restrictions,” says Miri.

There's a Secret to the Best Cheesecake and Dairy Has Nothing to Do With It
The perfect cheesecake is dairy-free.

All-Natural Ingredients

The word “Nabati” means “plant-based” in Arabic — a nod to the brand’s founders and what they do. Nabati Foods makes vegan cheesecake using only vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free ingredients. The company believes that even the most decadent food can be healthy and aims to inspire others to choose the more compassionate, sustainable option.

Instead of cream cheese, eggs, and ricotta, Nabati Foods uses cashews and coconuts blended into a creamy texture to make its cheesecake filling. Dates and nuts make up the crust. Everything is free from artificial colors and refined sugar.

The Flavors

The dairy-free cheesecakes come in four flavors — Tiramisu, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Blueberry. They come in a four-inch size that’s perfect for sharing (or for keeping to yourself).

“Making dairy-free cheesecake using whole natural fruits and nuts to be as creamy and rich as traditional ones with dairy is not an easy feat,” co-founder Ahmad Yehya tells LIVEKINDLY. “We developed the perfect formulation of cashews, coconut, and dates to deliver the right amount of creaminess with a clean deck of ingredients. A trade secret we hold dear.”

Tiramisu, Nabati Foods’ best selling flavor, features a date-and-nut crust infused with real brewed coffee. It’s topped with a creamy vanilla filling that’s dusted with raw cacao powder. It would be a welcome addition to the holiday dessert table. The Peanut Butter flavor consists of a rich peanut butter filling covered with chocolate and crunchy crushed nuts.

Blueberry has a light, fruity flavor and a white-and-blue marbled filling, thanks to real blueberries and no food coloring. If you’re nut-free, try the chocolate cheesecake, which has a decadent, chocolatey flavor without dairy or nuts thanks to organic raw cacao.

Real Vegan Cheese

In addition to cheesecake, Nabati Foods also makes vegan cheese shreds. Made from coconut oil and tapioca starch, Nabati Cheeze comes in two flavors — mozzarella and cheddar — and melts just like the real thing. It can be used to make grilled cheese, loaded nachos, mac and cheese, lasagne, and other cheesy dishes. The company aims to have Nabati Cheeze across Canada and the U.S. in 2020.

Nabati Foods are available from retailers across Canada, including IGA, Save on Foods, and natural food stores and cafes across the country. In the U.S., it’s available through nationwide vegan grocery delivery service Mylk Guys and Vegan Essentials.

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