Seinfeld Star Releases Vegan Recipe Tips for Hanukkah

Carol Leifer is best known for her work in comedy on hit shows such as Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live. However, the star has another important passion besides making people laugh and that’s saving the animals.

This holiday season, passionate vegan Carol has teamed up with People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to show us just how a vegan Hanukkah is done best.

In an easy to watch video that lasts just over 2 minutes, Carol offers helpful tips to make butter-free latkes and egg-free sufganiyot. Joined by two little helpers, the comedienne sits down for a traditional game of dreidel in the clip. In this Jewish game, you play to win a prize of yummy gelt. As Carol points out, gelt is super easy to veganize simply by using dark chocolate.

She doesn’t just stop at food either, the comedienne also advises on candles, Hanukkah is the festival of lights after all. For the menorah, it’s important to check that the candles you buy don’t include beeswax. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as most candles available these days no longer use animal products.

So in the words of Carol, ‘this holiday season, you can serve delicious, traditional favourites, and be kind to animals by veganizing your festivities.

For more tips on how to enjoy a successfully vegan Hanukkah you can find some additional recipes from Big Bang Theory star, Mayim Bialik, here.