SELENA GOMEZ Launches VEGAN Beauty Brand

Selena Gomez’s beauty and skincare brand, Rare Beauty, has announced its line of makeup and skin essentials will be completely vegan and cruelty-free. BMW 5-Series cars sold in the U.S. will now feature a vegan leather interior.

The Mexican state of Oaxaca just became the first in the nation to ban the sale of junk food and soda to children. The Black-owned soul food restaurant, Souley Vegan, is expanding to three new locations and two new cities in California. Sporting goods retailer Paragon Sports has announced it will no longer sell Canada Goose parkas and other items that feature animal fur.

Singapore destroyed nine tonnes of elephant ivory seized from the illegal wildlife trade. In Namibia, Rhino poaching has fallen 63 percent. Animal welfare charity, Animals Lebanon, is reuniting animals and their owners following the explosion in Beirut.