5 Utterly Selfish (But Awesome) Reasons to Adopt a Vegan Diet

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We all know that there are many reasons to go vegan – whether you’re an environmentalist concerned about the future of our planet, health conscious or an advocate for the welfare of humans and non human animals alike, the positive impacts of adopting this lifestyle seem to be never-ending.

But what if… you genuinely don’t give a hoot?

Well, to be clear, not all vegans are happy-healthy-animal-lovers, and many are not aware of their environmental impact (yes, vegans still drive cars and no doubt there are a few guilty of not separating recyclables – tut). So if you fall into the category of indifference when it comes to these issues, is there really any reason for you to try veganism?

Actually – yes! There are a bunch of ‘selfish’ reasons to try veganism that extend way beyond the core values of the lifestyle.

5 Utterly Selfish (But Awesome) Reasons to Adopt a Vegan Diet

Pooping Gets Easier!

TMI? Sorry guys but this is one of the best things about going vegan. Pooping gets a whole lot easier (and more frequent, but that just means more breaks from work). A healthy vegan diet is abundant in fiber, which in most cases, is a good thing! The fiber results in ‘better formed stools’ which exit the body almost effortlessly. Everyone feels good after a poop, so why shouldn’t getting there be just as fun? It’s all about the journey, folks.

Reduced PMS Pain!

Approximately half of menstruating women experience painful periods, known as dysmenorrhea.

The pain is caused by internal inflammation, and can be significantly reduced with an anti-inflammatory diet. One study showed that women with painful periods, once put on a plant based diet experienced significant reductions in menstrual pain and improvement of other PMS symptoms such as bloating. The women were supposed to return to their regular diets however several refused due to fear of the pain returning! Women adopting a plant based diet have also reported increased energy, better digestion, and better sleep. Yay!

Better Relationship With Food

As with everything, this is not going to be the case for all, however it is often said that eating a vegan diet can lead to a more healthy relationship with food for a number of reasons. Seeing the ingredients which you are putting into your body and taking time to make decisions around your food choices can, in many cases, result in more mindful eating habits.

Intuitive eating can be a really empowering thing, particularly in a world where advertising has so much influence over our choices. Inevitably, veganism helps us draw the connections between farm and plate and results in more conscious behavior.

Save Your Pennies

Contrary to common belief, opting for plant based foods can be the most inexpensive way to eat! When we think of the cheapest foods we can buy, we often think of things such as rice, potatoes, bread, beans, pasta (all vegan, by the way). And the most expensive foods? Usually things like cheese, meat and eggs. Sure if you’re hoping to splash out on treats such as meat and dairy alternatives, the price will be higher, however if you can just as easily do without because #potatoesarelife.

Better Sex!

Researchers have found that foods with large amounts of zinc and vitamin B complexes increase the libido. These include foods like avocados, chickpeas and bananas which often play a large part in the vegan diet.
For men, a meat heavy diet can negatively impact blood flow, (where it counts!), causing erectile dysfunction. As with many ailments though, this condition that can be reversed with a plant based diet. In addition, vegan men have been found to be more attractive to straight women as they release more pleasant body odours.

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