Sex Positive CEO Wants You to Get Your ‘Daily Dose’ of ‘Veggies’

Sex Positive CEO Wants You to Get Your 'Daily Dose' of 'Veggies'

Zoë Ligon, sex educator and the CEO and founder of Detroit-based sex-positive toy store Spectrum Boutique wants to make sure you get your daily dose of vegetables — just not in the way that you would think.

Ligon took to Instagram earlier this year to announce the arrival of veggie-shaped dildos made by German sex toy brand Self Delve. They come in a farmer’s market variety of shapes. The eggplant has “seductive curves and completely smooth, reflective surface.” The girthy corn-on-the cob has a “unique texture for twisting and thrusting.”  The cucumber is “everything you want from a cucumber dildo!!” — at long last!

The asparagus and chili pepper shapes were taken from molds of actual vegetables — just please do not take that as the go-ahead to stick actual food in your parts.

Sex Positive CEO Wants You to Get Your 'Daily Dose' of 'Veggies'
Self Delve’s veggie dildos are vegan and color-changing | image/Instagram

Self Delve’s veggie dildos are made from a vegan, body-safe silicone made with thermochromatic pigments that change color as you use them. The banana dildos (straight or curved — choose your fighter) change from green to yellow, “like it’s ripening!!,” Spectrum Boutique notes.

Are Sex Toys Vegan?

Not all materials used to make sex accessories are vegan.

Latex condoms often contain casein aka milk protein and while Trojan condoms are free from animal byproducts, its manufacturer Church & Dwight participates in animal testing. Opt for vegan-friendly brands like Glyde, which makes vegan, fair trade condoms and dental dams.

Some rubber sex toys might include casein, gelatin (derived from animal bones), or glycerin. Silicone is vegan — most packers and stand-to-pee accessories (which Spectrum Boutique carries) are made from this, making them vegan-friendly.

Harnesses and BDSM accessories are traditionally leather, but shops like Spectrum Boutique or The Vegan Sex Shop have vegan leather options for all your safe, consensual, kinky needs.

Even lube can contain animal ingredients like wax or enzyme lactoperoxidase, which is dairy-derived. Sliquid, Sustain Natural, and Überlube are all cruelty-free and vegan options. There’s also Foria or HighOnLove, which both make CBD and THC-infused lube.

A Sex Positive Shop

Founded in 2015, Spectrum Boutique touts a “no-nonsense approach to sexuality and sexual education.” Its selections are all curated by Ligon, who also uses her Instagram account to talk about positive relationships with sexuality as well as mental health.

Spectrum Boutique is an inclusive space, curating literature ranging from discourse on gender identity to an erotic comic about a sapphic relationship between a human and a mermaid. In an article on Vice, Ligon wrote that she also takes care to curate sex toys beyond just the default white skin tone. The site also offers stories addressing everyday issues, ranging from traveling with sex toys, how to handle hearing “no,” and unlearning toxic power dynamics.

Spectrum Boutique is located in Detroit, but you can also shop online.