Shred It! Making Serious Meat-Free Gains with Robert Cheeke

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Wanna get ripped this summer? Wanna do it on a whole-food plant-based diet? If the answer to both these questions is a resounding YES!, then it’s time to treat yourself to a copy of Robert Cheeke’s, Shred It!

Having just finished it, I already feel like I’ve spent too much time slopping about in my jim-jams with a copy of this curled in one hand, vanilla almond latte in the other. But, people, it’s a bit of a page turner, so what can you do? 

Well, if you’re as pumped as me, dust the cobwebs off those old yoga pants and get yourself down to the gym, ASAP! Now, if you haven’t made an appearance there in a wee while, no need to break a sweat (just yet!), you’re in great hands with Robert, whether you’re only starting out or a bit more seasoned but looking to push through those dreaded plateaus. Being a champion vegan bodybuilder himself, you’ll be fully covered with his invaluable know-how on ripping that excess fat into ribbons while simultaneously acquiring some enviable gains.

So, what’s the deal?

Well first off, Robert discusses the importance of putting the appropriate time into your transformation from the get-go. Reinforcing the fact that we have the power to shake up our schedules and create the necessary space to build our bodily temple, he reminds us that we have an ample 1440 minutes every day to squeeze that workout in. Otherwise, as we kinda all know, the results will be nada if you’re not prepared to walk the walk!

Time To Get Your Carb On…

Post getting you in the mindset to get cut, it seems only fitting that he next tackles the kitchen…where abs are definitely made, but can also just as quickly disappear.

Having studied nutrition in college, and a graduate of Cornell University’s renowned Plant-Based Nutrition Program, Robert provides a top-notch dietary rundown on what it takes to become a powerhouse vegan athlete…and NO!, it won’t involve gargantuan amounts of protein.

Thankfully, he dispels this particular macros +20% of caloric intake per day myth, by not only showcasing the science, but also his own incredible physique – which proves, in and of itself, that it’s more than ok to cozy up to carbs. Happy days! And, with a couple of sample meal plans given, along with a ton of additional recipes to get your creative juices flowing, you’re really all set in terms of getting your weekly prep on.

To note, all breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are super easy to make and totally affordable, which, as an amateur cook, I absolutely loved – no more expensive ingredients shortcutting their way to the trash!

On the “to-do” list are his Lentil Shepherd’s Pie, the Way Better Baked Mac N’ Cheese, and 3-Bean Tempeh Chili…which sound proper yum. So, with the grub squared away, Robert next shares his approach for building muscle – effectively…

…Let The Shredding Begin!

Leaving no stone unturned, he provides loads of sample routines, based on a 5-day week strategy that focuses on only one or two muscle groups per day for maximum benefit. Then, listing the types of exercises that target each body part, you can basically build a program that completely suits your own workout style without compromising your ROI!

And, even better news, for those of you who can’t, won’t, or don’t do the gym, he has thrown in some superb total-body drills to complete in the comfort of your own home… ehhhh, #noexcuses! 

But, while the struggle will always be real, I think Robert’s tried and tested regimen will absolutely lessen the stress of trying to make progress.

Goals are always attainable, you just need a solid action plan – which is what you’re getting with each and every chapter here.

What you’re also getting is an abundance of motivation in his catalog of ordinary peoples amazing transformations, and some insane inspiration from the plethora of plant-based pros that are featured.

With most revealing their decision to go vegan was mainly driven by compassion for our non-human counterparts, Robert’s shared sentiment that no animals had to die for me to excel, achieve, and succeed as an athlete, really hits home. As such, in keeping this tidbit of info always front of mind, the idea of “the struggle” is put seriously into perspective.

And, with a mountain of fantastic additional resources furnished – websites, social media links etc. – you’ll soon realize, thanks to Robert, that there’s a wealth of individuals out there getting successfully pumped-up sans animal products.

So, with plenty of folk to spot you should things start getting heavy, the struggle to get shredded will likely end up being very little struggle at all…

Go get this book, there’s something for everyone here who wishes to enjoy a much healthier, active, plant-based life. You don’t have to have aspirations of going pro, but this gem will definitely get you there if nothing less than a 4-pack will do!

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