Sky News Challenges Vegan Myths in Support of the Lifestyle

In a new feature named The rise of the vegans – Are we falling out of love with meat?, Ceren Senkul of Sky News has encouraged people to give plant based eating a try.

The article links the rise of veganism across the globe with the rise of the internet, stating that ‘the internet means people can share videos, photos, articles, opinions and recipes with virtually anyone who happens to stumble across their page. It means that you cannot escape hearing news stories about heart disease and cancer.

It also busts myths that have always surrounded veganism, such as needing meat protein to build muscle and the infamous statement that ‘vegans are missing out on all the good food’ (ahem, Pizza Hut? Maybe followed by Ben and Jerry’s? Or a nice glass of Bailey’s before bed, anyone?).

Ben & Jerry's New Flavours

It also asks the poignant question, will we all look back one day and think of meat eating as barbaric?

The truth is we don’t know whether this will ever be the case, but it certainly is looking more likely than it ever has before. Particularly if Sky News are using their platform to ask their audience to consider questioning themselves, their lifestyles and their dietary habits.

The article comes at a pivotal point as we all turn the corner into 2018. It may be cliché, but the beginning of a new year is a new start and a time to change things up and challenge ourselves.

Veganuary would be an excellent place to start.

Image credit: Sky News | Ben & Jerry’s