This Slutty Ghost Restaurant Keeps Selling Out of Vegan Burgers … Yes, You Read That Correctly

vegan burgers

Television producer Pinky Cole has put aside the world of show business for a minute to focus on a different passion — vegan junk food. The Slutty Vegan “ghost restaurant” (aka an online restaurant) launched in July, and since then, Cole and her team have been unable to keep up with the demand for their “slutty” vegan burgers.

Based in Atlanta, there is no “inspirational” story behind The Slutty Vegan. According to the website, Cole simply came up with the concept out of a love of animal product-free junk food. “There is no life changing story here,” reads the site. “Except that the owner, Pinky Cole is a vegan who loves vegan junk food. Simply put, we are a ghost restaurant that serves the sluttiest vegan cheeseburgers in Atlanta, Ga.”

Menu items include the Super Slut, made with guacamole, pickled jalapeños, grilled onions, and spicy plant-based cheese; The Fussy Hussy, served with shredded lettuce, onion, and pickle mayonnaise, and the Dancehall Queen, which consists of a jerk-seasoned burger with plantains, spicy aioli, and barbecue jerk sauce. All burgers, sides, and drinks can be ordered online from Grub Hub, or through Instagram via a direct message.

Since The Slutty Vegan launch, Cole and her team have found themselves unable to keep up with the demand for their vegan cheeseburger creations.

Four days ago, The Slutty Vegan posted on an image on its Instagram account with only the words “Sold Out.” It captioned the post, “we sold 52 burgers today!! Thanks everyone for the love! The revolution is about to be VEGANIZED!” Three days ago the online venture posted the same image again, this time with the caption, “We sold 80 burgers today! God is good!” And again, two days ago, The Slutty Vegan was forced to post the same image once more. “We love y’all!” it wrote. “Please do not take the drive if you haven’t yet, we don’t have any more burgers today!”

Across the U.S., plant-based junk food is becoming more popular, with new vegan fast-food concepts consistently opening up across the country. An In-N-Out style joint, Monty’s Good Burger, just popped up in Los Angeles, serving vegan Impossible Burgers, fries, milkshakes, and tater-tots. In San Diego, Calif., the vegan equivalent of McDonald’s, Plant Power Fast Food, is gearing up for ten additional locations. Plant Power co-founder Zach Vouga said, “I’ve never seen such an intense demand for something.”

Image Credit: The Slutty Vegan