S’mores Oreos Are Back and They’re Totally Vegan

S’mores Oreos Make a Comeback for the First Time Since 2016

After a four-year-long hiatus, S’mores Oreos are back – and vegan.

In May 2015, Oreo blessed the bellies of many with its limited-edition S’mores-style cookie. Inspired by the campfire treat, Oreos’ version includes graham cracker-flavored cookies and chocolate and marshmallow creme layers.

This April, the snack will be rolled out again across the United States, INSIDER reports. The publication highlighted that in 2016, the flavor was the third fastest-selling product of any limited-edition Oreo.

Vegan Oreos

The S’mores Oreo isn’t the only snack sweet-toothed fans can get excited about; the vegan-friendly brand has been busy launching creative cookie flavors. Most recently, Oreo announced its vegan Carrot Cake cookie which includes dairy-free cream cheese. Social media users said the cream cheese filling is “definitely the highlight” of the new snack.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, vegan Love, Oreo cookies reached supermarket shelves. The treats, described as “sweet and tangy,” featured pink dairy-free creme filling and romantic sayings printed on the cookies including “Let’s Twist,” “Dunk In Love,” “Dear Cupid, Send Oreos,” and “XoXo Oreo.”

Just in time for the eighth and final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” the cookie company created plant-based GoT-themed Oreos. Last year, Oreo launched three new vegan flavors including Kettle Corn, Cherry Cola, and Pina Colada.

Vegan Snacks

Vegan snacks like Oreos are becoming more popular than ever, as more consumers look for cruelty-free ways to enjoy their favorite treats.

The plant-based snack market is set to exceed $73 billion by 2028, driven by the “growing trend for veganism and vegetarianism” as well as consumers’ increasing concern for animal welfare. The increased demand for vegan food is impacting the meat snack market; a report from last year found that veganism was hindering sales of snacks like beef jerky and meat sticks.

Vegan snack brand Hippeas, which makes puffed chickpeas, recently closed an $8 million fundraising round. The brand, backed by actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio, plans to expand to more stores, like Whole Foods Markets, and create new products. In February, the brand launched cheesy Nacho Vibes and Sea-Salted Himalayan Happiness flavors of its chickpea puffs.

S’mores Oreos will be available for a short time from April.

Image Credit: Oreo