Snapchat Filters Now Work on Your Dogs

It’s official: thanks to a recent update, Snapchat filters now work on dogs. So if you’ve always wondered what your pooch would look like wearing a pair of specs, now is your moment.

Multimedia messaging app Snapchat introduced its filters to the world in January 2015, allowing users to transform their faces and throw up rainbows. Since then, the flower crown and the dog face – alongside a multitude of other skin-smoothing and sparkly face filters – have revolutionized the art of selfie-taking. Now, Snapchat has taken things one step further. Users can now pose for filters alongside their own real-life dog with filters that have a blue paw print icon.

The new update follows the app’s October release of filters for cats“Lenses. For cool cats and their cool cats. Try them meow,” Snapchat Tweeted at the time.

According to Insider, the app could be tapping into the pet-loving nature of its main fan base – Millennials and Generation Z-ers – due to a decline in usage. In October, Snapchat was used by 186 million people, a drop from the 188 million who used it in the previous quarter.

The decision to bring pets into the picture could be a smart business move. More and more Millennials are choosing to embrace cats and dogs over having children. According to Millennial Marketing, 44 percent of the generation are unsure about whether to start a family, but they are fueling the pet industry, which is worth $69 billion.

In fact, people are beginning to treat their pets like children so much, Minnesota company Nina Hale recently introduced “Furternity” leave for new cat and dog-owners. “Families come in all different shapes and sizes – as do new babies in a household,” said Allison McMenimen, EVP of client services at Nina Hale. “We want to celebrate [our diverse workforce] by making sure there are policies that enable everyone to support their definition of family.”

To use the new Snapchat pet filters, simply tap on your cat or dogs face on the screen to get started.

Image Credit: Willow_the_cavi

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