Snoop Dogg Is the Real Reason KFC Launched Vegan Chicken

Snoop Dogg is the Real Reason KFC Launched Vegan Chicken

As you may have heard by now, KFC trialed vegan fried chicken in Atlanta on Tuesday. According to a recent video on his Instagram, the whole thing was Snoop Dogg’s idea.

He says in the video, “man I’m hungry. All this chicken stuff going around, I don’t know if I want some of that though. I’m calling my homeboy at Beyond Meat to see if we can put something together. I’ve got a cool little idea right here. See if he can make this thing happen.”

He then video calls Ethan Brown, the founder and CEO of Beyond Meat. The rapper has an ongoing relationship with the plant-based meat brand. Earlier this year — after the brand’s successful IPO offering — he spent a day driving around Beyond Meat’s truck serving its signature pea protein-based “bleeding” burgers.

Now — thanks to Snoop Dogg — the brand added vegan fried chicken to its repertoire. “Look, I’m sitting here caught in the mess of all this chicken stuff going on,” he says to Brown. “I came up with an idea and I think you could possibly help us put it together man. Some plant-based chicken, right? But do it with the originator, the OG, with Colonel Sanders.”

Just a few moments after Brown says “Snoop, I’m in” the vegan KFC miraculously arrives at the rapper’s studio for him to try. “Let’s see if this thing is finger-lickin’ good,” he says, before encouraging his followers to grab some too. “Don’t be last, be first. Tell ’em Snoop Dogg sent you.”

Queues Around the Block for Vegan Chicken

Regardless of whether Snoop Dogg actually had anything to do with Beyond Meat’s new partnership with KFC, consumers were still eager to try the fast-food chain’s new plant-based offering from its Cobb Parkway restaurant.

Customers queued down the street to sample a taste on the day of the trial. Instagrammer Coach Ryan Horton posted, “KFC is testing [its] NEW vegan chicken right here in Smyrna and the cars and people are lined up AROUND THE BLOCK!!!”

By offering vegan versions of popular meat products, Brown hopes to steer the food industry away from its reliance on animal agriculture. He believes that consumers are also eager to eat more sustainable foods.

He said in a statement after the initial vegan KFC announcement, “To be able to bring Beyond Fried Chicken, in all of its KFC inspired deliciousness, to market speaks to our collective ability to meet the consumer where they are and accompany them on their journey.”