Snoop Dogg Basically Works for Beyond Meat Now

Snoop Dogg Basically Works for Beyond Meat Now

Snoop Dogg is basically a Beyond Meat employee these days.

Earlier this month, the rapper spent the day driving around a Beyond Meat truck, serving its “bleeding” beef-like burgers to celebrate its stock market success. The El Segundo, California-based company became the first vegan meat brand to go public earlier this month, jumping up 163 percent in value on the first day — the most successful IPO in nearly two decades. The brand has gained as much as a 285 percent increase from its initial offering, according to Business Insider.

The rapper also helped out Beyond Meat at a pre-Grammy’s party last February, serving up Carl’s Jr. Beyond Star Burgers to guests. Last June, he performed at the Environmental Media Association Gala in front of Beyond Meat logos.

Now, Snoop Dogg is promoting the burger once again on the brand’s Instagram account, or more specifically, a new gif of the famous meat-free patty.

“Go to Instagram and play with that Beyond Meat gif and make a few things,” he says in an Instagram video. “And while you at it go get you some of that meat. Eat better, live better, taste good, so says Snoop Dogg.”

Is Snoop Dogg Vegan?

Snoop Dogg hasn’t actually confirmed if he follows a vegan lifestyle himself. However, his support of Beyond Meat indicates that he is — at the very least — enthusiastic about eating more vegan food.

The rapper is often hanging out with people who follow a plant-based diet. Earlier this year, he met with vegan Ironman Rich Roll. The athlete posted a picture of him alongside Snoop Dogg on Instagram with the words plant-based.” He captioned the post, “no point in even trying to act cool in this situation.”

Roll pointed out that his choice of words wasn’t an indication of Snoop Dogg’s dietary choices, but more about his love for another kind of plant. He told LIVEKINDLY, “this was intended as sort of double entendre pun on Snoop’s affinity for a certain plant, upon which so much of his life is based.”

Late, Great Vegan Friends

Snoop Dogg was also friends with the late vegan rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was shot dead earlier this year. Hussle’s mother Angelique Smith spoke at his memorial service, asking fans to adopt a vegan lifestyle in his memory.

Boxer Mike Tyson was also a fan of Hussle, and like the slain artist, he doesn’t eat any animal products. Tyson is also a friend of Snoop Dogg; the pair met earlier this year to talk about Hussle.

The rapper posted on Instagram at the time, “Hanging out with the champ [Mike Tyson]. He asked me some [questions] about the late great [Nipsey Hussle]. Champ wanted to meet him I said in heaven [we] will all meet up again.”