So Delicious Just Launched Oat Milk Vegan PB&J Ice Cream

Colorado-based vegan dessert brand So Delicious has launched a new range of oat milk-based ice cream.

Peanut Butter and Raspberry, Oatmeal Cookie, and Caramel Apple Crumble are the new flavors available in the range, which expands on the brand’s current cashew, soya, and coconut-based ice cream offerings.

So Delicious – which also produces vegan milk and creamer – announced its new oaty frozen desserts in a post on its Instagram account.

“Crafted with smooth oat milk and blended with thoughtfully chosen flavors, every spoonful is taste-bud approved,” the brand wrote“Oh, and did we mention it’s gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified? Get ready to enjoy oat-of-this-world deliciousness.”

Founded nearly 30 years ago, So Delicious is on a mission to create allergen-free products that are good for people, the planet, and the animals.

From working closely with its farmers in Sri Lanka, the Phillippines, and Brazil, ensuring everyone is treated fairly, to its recyclable packaging and proactive attitude to minimizing its carbon footprint, every aspect of the So Delicious supply chain is as ethical as possible.

“We’re committed to being kinder and gentler to our planet,” the brand notes on its website“And we’re passionate about creating dairy-free options that are so pure and delicious you’ll want to enjoy them during every part of your day.”

The Booming Dairy-Free Market

Dairy-free products are soaring in popularity, as more and more consumers become aware of the health, environmental, and ethical consequences of consuming dairy. In response to demand, new kinds of plant-based milk, cheese, and creamer are emerging regularly.

The vegan ice cream industry, in particular, is booming. Major players such as Magnum, Haagen-Dazs, Cornetto, and Ben & Jerry’s now offer dairy-free flavors of their iconic products, and new vegan brands are consistently launching new frozen desserts made from innovative ingredients. Chestnuts, for example, have been labeled as the next big thing in the vegan ice cream game.

Dairy-free ice cream is so popular that global sales are expected to surpass $1 billion by 2024, according to research by Global Market Insights; $400 million of this will be brought in by the American market.