So Delicious To Bring Out Range of Vegan Cheese!

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Amazing news! The folks over at So Delicious are jumping on the bandwagon to offer their very own vegan cheese shreds. Already the dairy free brand offer a selection of ice-creams, yoghurt, creamer and milk alternatives and they’re all…well, delicious. Although it’s not yet certain when the cheese will be available in stores, pictures of the new product have been circulating the vegan web so production must be well underway. It seems the brand will bring out a Cheddar Style, Cheddar Jack Style and Mozzarella Style vegan cheese to top your tacos, nachos or pizza. Yum!

So Delicious are already a popular brand, most well known for their huge range of awesome ice-creams made from cashew milk, coconut milk, almond milk or soy milk to suit all tastes and allergies! Offering all sorts of different flavours including Snickerdoodle and Mocha Almond Fudge, they really have got all bases covered. Given their frozen dessert success, hopefully they’ll bring out a range of vegan cheese equal in size eventually, wouldn’t that be something?

Other brands of vegan cheese in the US include Daiya, who have recently have recently been bought for over $3 million, Toffuti and Follow Your Heart. The industry is ever growing and dairy free cheese is predicted to be an industry worth $3.5 billion globally by 2023 which is huge!

Many people are turning away from foods traditionally made from cow’s milk in part due greater awareness of lactose intolerance but also due to the health benefits of a dairy free life and the environmental impact of the dairy industry. Having dairy free alternatives is vital in seeing the growth of plant-based diets as many people fear missing out on the foods they love, but thankfully you can make all your favourites with plant-based alternatives now. We even have burgers that ‘bleed’!

Now to sit and wait for the official release of the new cheeses so we can top our vegan tacos with what we can only assume will be some of the best cheese out there. What a gouda day that’ll be!

Image credit: So Delicious | Flickr | So Delicious |Daiya | Daiya