This Vegan Spinach Beauty Range Is So Good You Can Probably Eat It

Philadelphia-based hair and skincare brand Espinache offers a range of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products all infused with one iron-rich superfood: spinach.

Founded by Dora Sobze, a self-confessed spinach addict, the brand offers a multitude of cruelty-free personal care products designed for dry hair and dry skin.

Its newest collection, the Clarity Collection, launched at the beginning of February, includes Exfoliating Scalp Scrub, made with ingredients like crushed walnuts, poppy seeds, and dead sea salt, Detoxifying Bath Tea, made with skin-softening bath salts and gunpowder green tea leaves, and Natural Alimunium Deodorant Paste, made with bentonite and french green clays. Each product in the line is also infused with the brand’s signature magic plant-based ingredient, spinach.

Sobze’s obsession with spinach is for good reason, notes the founder on the brand’s website. “I wouldn’t tell you to take any old food item and slather it all over your hair and skin,” she explains.

“There’s a method to the madness (and my obsession with organic spinach) that is quite simple: nature knows best,” she continues. “Spinach is a super food for all hair, skin and body types inside and out. It’s naturally packed with biotin, minerals, and a spectrum of B vitamins to help your hair and skin be the healthiest version of ‘you’ they can be.”

The brand also offers the (Spin)Body Signature Collection, which includes products like the silicone-free (Spin) Mist Hydrating Dry Oil, which offers moisture to hair, beards, and the skin. As well as spinach, the frizz-smoothing, hydration-boosting remedy includes coconut, chia seeds, and pumpkin seed oils.

These ingredients aren’t just thrown together though, explains Sobze, but carefully selected for their unique properties and benefits. “Our formulas are infused with an array of natural botanicals with potent nourishing, healing, and moisturizing properties,” the founder explains.

“I know because with the help of several gallons of coffee, long nights of research, and a lifetime of first-hand experimentation, I carefully and tediously have selected the ingredients myself,” she adds.

Both The Clarity Collection and The (Spin) Body Signature Collection are currently available from Espinache’s website, with prices starting at around $5.