3 Ways to Spook Up Your Manicure This Halloween

A woman holds up Halloween-inspired nails in front of her face

Halloween may not be quite back to its spooky best this year (2022 will be the year we drink too much witch’s brew punch at a costume party again, we’re manifesting it), but we can still get in the ghostly spirit with a little bit of creativity. Enter: cruelty-free nail art!

If you’re not one for costumes or makeup, experimenting with nail art is an enjoyable, and actually quite therapeutic way, to get in on the Halloween fun. The therapeutic part isn’t an exaggeration: there is evidence to suggest that setting a little bit of quiet time aside for yourself to concentrate on something creative and repetitive that isn’t work, chores, or your personal life is beneficial for the brain. Plus, your nails will be fire. 

Try these three spooky styles, which we’ve kept minimalist, chic, with just the right amount of vamp. Here’s how you can get your nails looking All Hallows’ Eve perfect, from ghostly eyes to delicate blood drips.

Minimalist Halloween Nails: 3 Ways

Spooky eyes

Apply a clear base coat, followed by two thin coats of a dark vampy shade. Next, layer three dots (white, green, and then black) to create eyes.

Stitches of Frankenstein

Paint the nail tips white. With a detail brush and a dark vampy shade, paint a thin line down the nail. Add small horizontal lines for stitching. 

Drippy French

Paint the nail tips white. Then, use a detail brush to paint blood drips over the top.

Add a generous layer of top coat to each nail, and voila

A simple, yet totally spooky, set of Halloween nails.