There’s a Spooky Vegan Bath Bomb Shop for Basic Witches

There's a Spooky Vegan Bath Bomb Shop for Basic Witches

A New Jersey-based bath bomb shop called Witch Baby Soap sells cruelty-free, vegan bath products for the inner-witch in us all.

Witch Baby Soap has been operating since 2013, however, the recent opening marks the first brick-and-mortar location for the bath bomb company.

Founder Chelsea Selby, who calls herself the Head-Witch-In-Charge, said to Patch, “I couldn’t find quality luxury skincare products that suited my personal witchy aesthetic so I wanted to fill that hole in the market.”

When she started the company, Selby had an empty bank account and “a baby strapped to her chest,” Patch wrote. The online business allowed her to stay at home with her new child.

Selby continued, “We quickly grew over our span of five-and-a-half years, sometimes selling out entirely within five minutes of our launches.”

Witch Baby Soap’s products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and formaldehyde. They’re also handmade. “Our products are made fresh daily in our Roselle Park manufacturing facility, so 100 percent of the beauty products bought from our store are made and manufactured within Union County,” Selby explained.

Vegan Bath Products for Witches

Witch Baby Soap says its vegan bath bombs help people connect to their memories | image: witchbabysoap/Instagram

The vegan bath products come with “a hint of magic and esotericism” to bring together self-care and spirituality, Selby said. Herb-infused body oils, “magic soap,” bath bombs, and “goddess worthy skincare items” are available.

Best-sellers include the Psychic Bath Bomb and Blood & Milk Body Butter. The former, which is made with a psychic herb called yarrow, has an amethyst embedded in it and makes baths purple, glittery, and smell like lavender, amber, and musk. The vegan body butter features blood orange and coconut milk.

The company’s best-selling soap is the Gossip Stopper. “It contains slippery elm, an herb witches have long used to deter gossip, slander, and libel, charcoal so you can detoxify your haters, biodegradable glitter that makes it look like a galaxy, and the sweet comforting aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, and clove,” Selby said.

According to Selby, some of her products help customers connect with memories from their past. “I really enjoy creating scent blends that drop you in to the middle of a time and place. The psychology behind fragrance is so interesting to me. There is no greater compliment that I can receive than being told I’ve created a fragrance that someone feels so deeply connected with that it makes them feel closer to a person they have lost,” she said.

As well as vegan bath products, Witch Baby Soap sells precious gems and crystals, candles, and other spiritual items.

Witch Baby Soap is located at 11 Eastman Street in Cranford.