Is Starbucks UK Launching Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches?

UK-based vegan foodies may soon have new meatless munchies to try. Starbucks UK may be adding four new vegan breakfast sandwiches to its menu.

Rumors of the potential new vegan menu items began swirling online. The Instagram account Vegan Food UK made a post about the offerings. It captioned: “You are going to LOVE the new vegan Starbucks menu ?? Are you ready to see what @StarbucksUK has in store for Veganuary?” 

Vegan Food UK told LIVEKINDLY they received the information from “a source who wants to remain anon.” When asked to confirm the new menu items, Starbucks UK said: Watch this space! We’ll be sure to share any news on our winter menu with you when we can.”

The rumored vegan breakfast sandwiches include a Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich. The plant-based sandwich features a Beyond meatless patty, the company’s signature tomato relish, a tofu turmeric scramble, a slice of mature grated vegan cheddar cheese on a pretzel roll.

Three other possible additions to the menu? A chicken and barbecue bean hot wrap, a cheese and marmite mini ciabatta, and a sweetcorn fritter wrap—all vegan, of course.

The former features flame-grilled vegan chick’n, BBQ beans, spinach, red onion, coriander, and lime juice in a hot wrap. And the latter wrap includes a golden sweetcorn fritter, smoky BBQ sauce, and red cabbage inside a tomato tortilla wrap. The Cheese Alternative & Marmite Mini Ciabatta features grated mature vegan cheese with marmite on a ciabatta roll.

Starbucks UK Vegan Options

Starbucks UK has been expanding its vegan menu as of late.

In October, the popular coffee chain launched a vegan whipped cream to top off its pumpkin spice lattes. Although they’re (sadly) not yet available in the US, customers have been able to get their hands on vegan PSLs in the UK since 2018. The seasonal dairy-free latte can be made with soy, oat, or almond milk.

The coffee giant also launched a vegan-friendly Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate in time for the holiday season. The festive drink features a harmonious blend of mocha sauce and marshmallow syrup. Customers can make it vegan by ordering it with plant-based milk and without whipped cream. The caramelized sugar topping is also suitable for vegans.

Earlier this year, Starbucks UK added two new vegan cappuccinos to its ready-to-drink coffee range. The Coconut Cocoa Cappuccino and Oat Vanilla Macchiato launched at Morrison’s alongside the coffee chain’s Almond Iced Coffee. 

In March, the coffee chain expanded its plant-based menu offerings with the launch of the Caramel Chococado Pot and the Vegan Spiced Protein Bowl.