Starbucks Debut its First Vegan Dessert Option with New Passionfruit Cupcakes

Vegans of Florida rejoice! Starbucks is due to add vegan cupcakes to its menu in a number of select stores throughout South Florida.

From 16 October, Starbucks’ baked goods case will supply passion fruit cupcakes created by Miami-based vegan bakery Bunnie Cakes.

“The treats are 100% vegan and gluten-free, and the addition is huge news given that it’s Starbucks’ first offering of an allergy (and animal!) friendly dessert option.” says Latest Vegan News.

Starbucks has recently come under fire for their lack of vegan options with news anchor and animal rights activist Jane Velez Mitchell campaigning for more animal-free choices at the coffee mega chain in addition to a petition from 2015 which, stated:

Starbucks would give existing customers more choices while also reaching out to a new customer-base. This simple change will allow so many more customers to add a breakfast item with their coffee, stay for lunch, enjoy a pastry, or grab some food to go.”

The owner of award-winning Bunnie Cakes, Mariana Cortez said in a comment to LVN: “I have to pinch myself to believe it, I am extremely happy and proud of this accomplishment, we were chosen to be the only local partner among many other regular bakeries and desserts,”

“This proves to me that we are changing the way we see things, the way we eat. Years ago I couldn’t find a vegan cake for my son in Miami, today we are partnering with one the biggest business in the U.S., a dream come true.”

One Starbucks representative said that the company is “ecstatic” and the cupcakes are “amazing.”

If the passionfruit treats sell like hotcakes it’s likely that Starbucks will roll them out to more locations so if you don’t live in the South of Florida, be sure to get in touch with your local Starbucks and let them know what you’re hungry for!