Starbucks U.S. Is Launching Vegan Impossible Breakfast Sausages

Starbucks U.S. Is Launching Vegan Impossible Breakfast Sausages

Starbucks just launched a breakfast sandwich made with vegan sausage made by California-based brand, Impossible Foods.

From today, customers can order the meatless breakfast sandwich from stores across the US. The plant-forward breakfast sandwich is part of Starbucks’ new summer menu, which also includes new cold coffee drinks.

“We’re pleased to add the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich,” said Michael Kobori, chief sustainability officer at Starbucks, in a press release. “To meet the growing customer-interest in plant-based options.”

The Starbucks Impossible Breakfast Sandwich includes high-protein, soy-based sausage, plus animal-based cheddar cheese and eggs served on ciabatta. This follows the launch of a similar breakfast sandwich made with Beyond Meat and served at Starbucks in Canada.

Flexitarian Fast-Food

Other chains have also launched similar items, recognizing the demand for additional plant-forward meals on the menu.

Following the success of its Impossible Whoppers, Burger King recently launched an Impossible Sausage-based “Croissan’wich” that also includes dairy and eggs. While McDonald’s Canada launched a Beyond Meat burger trial last year. Starbucks competitor Dunkin’ added a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich last year after a successful trial.

In 2018, OnePoll reported that approximately one out of every three U.S. consumers considered themselves flexitarian, eating at least four plant-based meals every week. Such options offer an opportunity for customers—and brands—to reduce the environmental impact of individual meals and menu items.

“Starbucks’ commitment to add more plant-based ingredients to its menu is a new benchmark for large corporations,” said Dr. Patrick O. Brown, Founder and CEO of Impossible Foods. “We’re excited to work with Starbucks, which shares our mission to make the global food system sustainable.”

Starbucks U.S. Is Launching Vegan Impossible Breakfast Sausages
Starbucks launched a similar breakfast sandwich in Canada with Beyond’s vegan sausage meat.

Starbucks and Vegan Food

The Impossible Breakfast Sandwich is the latest menu item to include plant-based ingredients from Starbucks. The company has spoken previously about increasing consumer interest in vegan options as well as the environmental benefits of expanding the menu.

“Over the years, in response to customer interest, we have added plant-based milk alternatives such as soy, coconut, almond, and oat milk. We are thrilled to expand our plant-based menu into food with this new breakfast sandwich,” added Kobori.

According to the press release, Starbucks aims to continue expanding plant-based choices in order to become a “resource positive” company. Adding these sustainable, plant-focused options is a major part of Starbucks’ ongoing environmental strategy.

The Impossible Breakfast sandwich is available now to customers using the Starbucks App to order ahead with contactless payment. Those isolating at home can use Starbucks Delivers through Uber Eats nationwide.