Starbucks to Serve Oat Milk Nationwide Next Year

Starbucks to Serve Oat Milk in Nearly 3,000 Locations

Following a successful regional trial, Starbucks is launching vegan oat milk in all stores across the U.S. next spring. 

The popular coffee chain added oat milk made by Swedish brand Oatly to its menu across 1,300 stores in Midwest states, including Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, earlier this year. It also launched the Oatmilk Honey Latte, which can be ordered without the honey syrup to make it vegan. U.S. locations will continue to serve Oatly, Starbucks confirmed.

Starbucks already offered oat milk in select Starbucks Reserve stores, as well as in its European locations. 

In July, Starbucks Canada revealed it would be launching vegan oat milk in all stores across the country this fall. This totals more than 1,400 locations. 

The Canadian stores serve Starbucks Oat Beverage, which is made from Canadian oats and is free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and color. According to the chain, it has a mild flavor and velvety foam. According to Starbucks oat milk is quickly becoming popular among Canadians.

In the U.S. and Canada, other vegan milk options at Starbucks include soy, coconut, and almond. 

Starbucks to Serve Oat Milk Nationwide Next Year
Starbucks will launch Oatly vegan oat milk nationwide next spring. | David Dewett

Starbucks’ Sustainability Commitment

Starbucks has previously stated its plant-based milk offerings like oat milk would help it achieve its sustainability goals. CEO Kevin Johnson told Bloomberg earlier this year that “alternative milks will be a big part of the solution. The consumer-demand curve is already shifting.”

In a press release, Starbucks further outlined its sustainability commitments. In reaffirming its commitment to be a resource positive company, the coffee chain formalized its 2030 environmental goals. These include cutting its carbon, water, and waste footprints in half.

“Our Planet Positive initiatives have a central role in our long-term business strategy, and directly address what our customers are asking for,” Johnson explained. “We are moving toward a move circular economy, and we are doing so in a very intentional, transparent, and accountable way.”

On its website, Starbucks has acknowledged the connection between the dairy industry and climate change

In order to “help propel the dairy industry’s progress toward a more sustainable future” the coffee chain says it will support the Net Zero Initiative and the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance. The former is a partnership with the U.S. dairy community to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions on farms. The latter repurposes food waste in the Starbucks supply chain to renewable energy.

Despite acknowledging the environmental impact of dairy, the Starbucks currently charges customers extra if they opt for oat milk and other vegan milk options instead of cow’s milk in their drink.