Vegan “Brain Food” Created to Help Boost Mental Performance

A new product hit the market last month, called IQ Bars which have been created by the founder, following his Harvard education in neuroscience and phycology, plus a love of snacks (of course).

Currently, these IQ Bars are available in 3 flavours – Almond Cacao, Blueberry Walnut and Matcha Hazelnut. The founder, Will Nitze is seeking investment to increase production, therefore the distribution of his company’s product.

Nitze claims his product is the “first energy bar optimised for sustained mental energy and performance.”

He adds how most other existing bars on the market are packed with carbs and sugar, causing blood sugar to spike for instant energy, but not the slow-release, level and sustained energy that is required to get you through afternoon office slumps, when not actively burning calories.

IQ Bars are designed around five neuro-scientifically optimised ingredients with minimal clean, whole foods and no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, GMOs, grains gluten, dairy, soy or animal products.

For a year, Will has been flipping the conventional energy bar on its head. Instead of an energy bar loaded with the glorified nutrients – carbs and protein, IQ Bars are comprised of mostly good fats and five optimised nutrients; a combination which he calls “the perfect brain food”. Being high fat and low carb makes IQ Bars also a ketogenic-friendly food.

Upon changing his diet for a high-fat, low net-carb diet, recommended by brain experts, Nitze said: “[w]ithin weeks of trading bread and pasta for nuts and avocados, I achieved a remarkable rebound in my cognitive performance!” His IQ Bar endeavor is Nitze’s way of sharing his first-hand experience with others.

Carbs are a vital food group for movement, especially when exercising. However, if you aren’t exercising, yet your brain still needs optimal function, such as balancing accounts at the office – “your brain and body operates more efficiently on smooth-burning healthy fats.”

IQ Bars say that is the reason why their bars are loaded with “healthy fats and contain just 8-9g of net carbs per bar”. They also contain 12g of fiber per bar, which slows the absorption of those net carbs and allows for sustained energy.

As ensuring proper nutrition is an effective form of lifestyle intervention that fights, prevents and even helps to cure disease/s – by including healthy foods, such as IQ Bars into your diet, you can increase longevity and benefit wellbeing significantly.

If you want to see these bars available in mainstream retailers, you can support IQ Bar’s Kickstarter here.


Image Credit: Shuttershock | IQ Bars