Famous Steakhouse Celebrates World Vegan Month With Vegan Menu

Described as London’s ‘most famous steakhouse,’ Hawksmoor’s four sister restaurants will add a vegan menu for the entirety of November. Hawksmoor has said that the reason for this is because November is World Vegan Month.

Richard Turner, executive head chef at three of the restaurants (Turner, Hawksmoor and Follow) claims that, despite being known for the meat they serve, Foxlow is no stranger to producing plant-based dishes. ‘We love our meat and fish it’s true,’ Turned told Eater London, ‘however at Foxlow we have leaned towards plant-centric dishes and vegan month presents a delicious challenge to pursue this even further.’

Will Beckett, co-founder of Hawskmoor, claims that while the team often eat meat and fish it’s always ‘the good stuff.’ Speaking with Eater London he also admits that ‘The rest of the time [the team] eat a lot of vegetables – for various reason, including health, wellbeing and ethics – but actually mostly because they’re delicious.’

Proving just how delicious vegetables can be, the team has given some examples of the kind of dishes customers can expect to find on November’s vegan menu including ‘Aubergine ‘steak’ with wild mushrooms, onions and vegan béarnaise,’ and ‘Roast acorn squash pie with vegan gravy.’ The dishes will be reasonably priced, ranging from £5 to £9.50.

Although introducing vegan food at a steakhouse may seem a little contradictory, Hawskmoor pride themselves on providing a place you can eat where ‘you’d always feel comfortable with where your food came from and what it’s doing for you.’ The choice to participate in World Vegan Month may show an appreciation from Hawksmoor for the environmental and ethical standpoints of those who choose vegan meals.

The menu will launch on November 1st, which is World Vegan Day.