SuperEats Launches Vegan Superfood ‘Cheeto’ White Cheddar Puffs With Sacha Inchi Seeds

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SuperEats, the high-protein, low-carb, vegan snack company featuring the Sacha Inchi seed, is taking pre-orders for the launch of its newest Cheetos-like puffs flavor: vegan White Cheddar. The New Orleans-based company already sells Chipotle BBQ, Truffle Rosemary, and Jalapeno Cheddar flavored vegan puffs.

The company uses a combination of pea protein and the Sachi Inchi seed for its puff base. Sacha Inchi is a South American nut sometimes referred to as the Incan Nut or Incan Peanut. The seed is a significant source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

SuperEats says it was driven to start the company out of a love for snacks.

“We were always snack addicts and we couldn’t find an option that was made from nutritious ingredients, while still satisfying our junk-food craving taste buds,” the company notes on its website. “Low-calorie products weren’t healthy enough, and the healthy options weren’t tasty enough. So we created a brand that would allow us to innovate and develop new snacks to help people like us eat and live healthier (and HAPPIER!).”

SuperEats puffs aren’t accidentally vegan, according to the company, they “make it a point” that the puffs contain “100% plant-based ingredients & protein,” the site notes. “Time and time again, research has shown that there are many ecological and health benefits from a diet composed primarily of these vegan proteins.”

Bean and legume-based snacks are hot categories right now. Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio recently invested in Hippeas, another vegan puffed snack made from the versatile chickpea. A number of brands including World Peas and Saffron Road also make snacks using whole dried peas and beans, helping to reinvent the snack category with healthier and more sustainable options.

“Some of the most compelling arguments for plant-based proteins and a plant-based diet are the massive environmental tolls animal husbandry takes on the planet,” SuperEats writes on its website, citing a 2014 study conducted by the Water and Development Research Group in Helsinki.

The study found that in the United States animal-based protein currently accounts for “over 60% of the total protein consumed, well over the world average of 33%,” SuperEats notes. “The same study showed that replacing just half of animal-based proteins in American diets with plant-based proteins would result in an 8% nationwide reduction in freshwater consumption, about 10.36B gallons saved. As the global population grows, and as the third world rapidly industrializes, fresh water will become Earth’s most valuable resource. Switching from primarily animal-based proteins to plant-based proteins is an easy way to ensure that there is enough fresh water to support future generations.”

The new White Cheddar puffs are expected to be available at the end of July.

Image Credit: SuperEats