Sustainable Gift Ideas: Fashion Edition

sustainable fashion gifts

Fashion is a fun, creative, reflection of personality, but as we all learn more about the industry’s impact, buying it for ourselves and for others is guilt-inducing. But there is a way you can ease your conscience and make the fashionista in your life happy this holiday season, by buying from sustainable clothing brands.

And when it comes to sustainable gifting, utilizing vouchers is important, especially when it comes to something as individual as clothing. A garment you love may not always equal something that your loved one wants to keep in their wardrobe. We all have different tastes. Giving a gift voucher helps keep clothes out of the landfill, while you get the unmatched satisfaction of introducing your loved one to a new ethical brand they’ll love. You also don’t have the pressure of picking an item for them. Everybody wins. 

But putting yourself in somebody else’s chic vegan leather booties (or sneakers, or sandals, or comfy fluffy slippers… you get where this is going) is still a good idea when you’re finding the perfect brand for someone. So to help you find the ultimate present, this sustainable fashion guide is sorted by style type, from vintage-lover to knitwear enthusiast.

8 sustainable fashion gift vouchers for the eco-chic

For the vintage aficionado: Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is a treasure trove of fun ‘70s shirts, shift dresses, and vintage branded clothes (everything from Levi’s denim to Adidas sweatshirts), and more. Way, way more. The company started off as a clothing resale warehouse in East London back in the early aughts, and now it’s an e-commerce dream for vintage lovers worldwide. And the idea isn’t just trendy, it’s sustainable too. In 2020, Beyond Retro gave 90 million items a new lease of life, keeping them out of the landfill.

For the designer label devotee: Vestiaire Collective

Introduce the one who is all about luxury to Vestiaire Collective and you’ll be crowned friend of the year. The site sells a variety of pre-loved luxury items for a fraction of the price, so you can still enjoy the label without breaking the bank. (Well, in comparison to OG designer prices. Everything is relative.) Vestiaire Collective has everything a sharp dresser’s heart desires: from Stella McCartney velvet handbags to vintage Chanel sunglasses to Gucci mini dresses.

For the one who wears leggings as pants: Girlfriend Collective

For the comfort-is-key friend who doesn’t see the point in wearing anything but athleisure, or for the pal who’s always running off to yoga or pilates, we recommend Girlfriend Collective. The brand uses a combination of biodegradable, recycled, and recyclable materials to create its super comfortable range of compressive leggings, sweatshirts, and even swimwear.

For the always-in-a-dress cottagecore lover: Christy Dawn

Cottagecore (which got its name from Tumblr in the late 2010s) is a fashion trend that romanticizes English countryside life. It’s about cardigans, cozy knitted sweaters, and pretty puff-sleeved dresses (think “Bridgerton” but not as aristocratic, with more wildflowers and bare feet). If you know someone who adores looking like they’re always ready for a picnic in apple orchards, Christy Dawn is the perfect brand to introduce them to. From delicate blouses to sweet dresses, much of its stock is made of upcycled fabric or organic cotton.

For the master of casual street style: OhSevenDays

For those who like to keep it casual without sacrificing style, try OhSevenDays. The brand is the reigning monarch of laid-back sustainable fashion. (Seriously, they even have a pair of trousers named All Day PJs.) OhSevenDays specializes in slow, mindfully-made clothing; its garments are made ethically in Turkey, using deadstock from the fast fashion industry.

For the ‘any excuse to get dressed up’ type: Reformation

If you know someone who always turns up looking a little extra, Reformation is calling their name. The only thing is, when they’ve got their gift voucher, there is no way they’ll be able to choose their present quickly. The gorgeous range of dresses, blouses, and more goes on and on. Reformation is known for its commitment to sustainable fashion, and has partnered with the Fair Labor Association to ensure ethical working conditions in its supply chain.

For the fallophile who lives in knit: Nu-in

Nu-in’s chunky knitwear selection is your fallophile friend’s heaven. (You know the type. They’re the first to order a PSL when September rolls around, their ideal weekend activity is visiting a pumpkin patch, and they love an autumnal color palette.) The brand’s website is teeming with cropped knitted sweaters, polo necks, and cable jumpers, most of which are made from recycled materials.

For the one who can’t get enough of the Y2K revival: Boyish 

Proving that trends don’t die, they just hibernate, Y2K aesthetic is back. If you know someone who can’t get enough of the revival, you need to bring Boyish into their life. The denim brand’s wide-leg jeans, crop tops, and overalls have a 2000s vibe, but with a modern twist. Plus, the entire collection is vegan, dyed with plant-based dyes, and made with organic cotton, deadstock, and recycled fabric.

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