Sustainable Vegan Fragrance Line Now Available at Bloomingdale’s

Sustainable Vegan Fragrance Line Now Available at Bloomingdale's

A new vegan fragrance range is heading to Bloomingdale’s as part of the Avant Garden Collection created by CLEAN Reserve, a leader in eco and ethical fragrances.

The vegan line is free not just from animal products as consumer demand for ethical products increases, but also free from phthalates, preservatives, gluten, and artificial dyes to further add to the “clean” beauty experience. The products are produced instead with “safe molecular naturals and sustainable notes such as mandarin, cardamom, and sandalwood,” the company notes in a press release.

“We see the consumer becoming more inquisitive about the ingredients in their fragrances, not just from a masculine or feminine perspective, but also from a sourcing viewpoint and the way fragrances are derived. There is a negative stigma of the use of ‘safe synthetics’ or ‘safe molecular naturals,’ which are molecular derivatives of a raw material, which helps preserve our natural resources,” Greta Fitz, VP Global Marketing & Product Development, Fusion Brands America, Inc, said in a statement.

Sustainable Vegan Fragrance Line Now Available at Bloomingdale's

The vegan fragrance collection is what the company calls a merging of “a traditional clean linear eau de parfum with a luxurious niche approach, designed to transport you on a fantastical journey.”

CLEAN Reserve’s Avant Garden relies on plant-based ingredients grown and harvested responsibly from a farm in the South of France. “The sustainable flowers from the farm in the original CLEAN Reserve collection have morphed together creating a fantastical world where two unlikely notes blend together in a lush, secret garden,” said Fitz. “Each fragrance is comprised of two unlikely notes where together they make a magical, beautiful fragrance that has never before been experienced.”

The fragrances come in six unique scents: Galbanum & Rain, Hemp & Ginger, Muguet & Skin, Saguaro Blossom & Sand, Sweetbriar & Moss, White Amber & Warm Cotton.

“CLEAN wants to change the way consumers experience fragrance, educating the consumer about mindful beauty, naturals doesn’t always mean sustainable, and removing the stigmas around the perfume industry,” says Fitz. “Avant Garden raises the bar on what it means to be eco-consciously sustainable.”